Nowadays, a lot of people are skeptical about trusting someone in a relationship easily. Being faithful is made harder by social media, so it is not surprising that many relationships do not last long.

So, how would you know if your current boyfriend is the real deal? What are the signs that he is serious about you and he deserves to be trusted? Check these out:

1. He was the one who pursued commitment.
If right from the start he has always been the one to take initiative in pursuing your relationship, especially when it came to your exclusivity, then he really wants to keep you.

2. He treats you as a priority.
This does not mean that you become the no. 1 or sole priority in his life. Of course, he has a family and a career to take care too. However, if he is serious about you, he will always make time for you.

3. He introduces you to his family and friends.
If your boyfriend has already brought you home to meet his parents, then he surely is serious. He should also proudly introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend—not just another friend or someone he dates.

4. He makes an effort to win your family and friends.
At the same time, a serious boyfriend will exert effort to win the approval of your family and friends. He will not be afraid to meet them if he has the right intentions.

5. He initiates communication.
Although it is fine if you initiate communicating with him from time to time, like greeting him first in the morning, it should not always be the case. If the guy is serious about you, he will call or message you whenever he can to check on you and let you know you are missed.

6. He checks on you throughout the day.
A guy in love is thoughtful and would do anything to take care of you. Even if you are not together, he will reach out to make sure you eat your meals on time and get home safely.

7. He is open and honest with you.
Another sign that your boyfriend is serious about your relationship is his honesty. If he is open with you about what he feels, shares his experiences including his past, and is honest whenever he has committed a mistake, it means he trusts you with his vulnerability.


8. He includes you in his future plans.
A healthy relationship is headed to future marriage and family-formation. A man is truly serious about you if he considers you to be his future wife. Thus, he includes you in his decision-making for the future, such as the talk about where and when to settle down.

9. He does not hide you on social media.
Your boyfriend has no plan of cheating on you if he flaunts you on his Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. It means he is proud of you and is not protecting someone else’s feelings.

10. He respects you.
A man who is serious about you will respect you both physically and emotionally. He will not force himself on you, or threaten that he might leave if you do not give him his physical needs.

11. He learns about your interests and strives to adopt them.
If a person truly loves you, he will be interested in everything about your life. Also, he will try your hobbies and learn about your passions so he can join you.

12. He shares his passions with you.
On the other hand, he will also introduce his interests with you. He wants you to know him better and hopes he can do the things he loves with you.

13. He listens to you.
You would know if a guy is serious about you if he values your opinions. He will listen to your advice because he trusts you and he greatly considers your thoughts about him.

14. He consults you for decision-making.
In connection with no. 13, your boyfriend is serious about your relationship if he talks to you first before making a decision. Since he considers you his life partner, and he knows his decisions can affect you too, he will always ask for your thoughts.

15. He willingly changes for the better for you.
Girl, you cannot change your man. However, if he seriously loves you, he, himself, will make an effort to change his negative habits. He will also work hard to prove that he deserves you.


16. He is faithful to you.
No matter how much a guy tries to hide his infidel behaviors, girls have their ways of finding out. If you have been with your boyfriend for a long time and you are sure he does not sneak out to flirt with other women, then your man is serious about you.

17. He refuses to let you go.
Women are impulsively emotional and most of the time, we are the ones who suggest breakup during fights. If your boyfriend patiently pursues you every time you break up with him, then it means he does not want to lose you. If he were not serious, he could immediately walk away from you without looking back.

Time Will Tell

The best test of a man’s seriousness about his love is time. If he truly loves a woman, his affection for her will not fade away even after many years of being together. Even if the attraction stage in the relationship is over, he will not stop making his girl feel special.

On the other hand, girls have their part to play in the relationship too. Instead of being afraid to fully commit your trust to him, give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. Then, as long as you do not see any reason to suspect his intentions, give your best to be a good girlfriend to him.

It takes two to tango. Therefore, if you want your relationship to last, both of you need to exert effort to make it work and keep the love alive.



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