Imagine if you could go out on a date with the girl of your dreams. And right there, on your first date, you know she’s the one for you. You don’t have to look for a new girl, you don’t have to go on tons of disappointing dates. Your troubles are gone. Well, it’s not that easy. Dating is not so easy for anyone—that is a fact. It’s hard to know on the first date if she’s exactly what you’re looking for. She could seem really great at first but then after the fifth date you realize that you two are not that compatible after all. You’ve just lost so much time on a girl who’s not right for you.

There are some ways to speed up the process of getting to know each other. Asking the right questions could save you a lot of time and energy. Focus on the characteristics you want your girl to have and then see if the girl across the table from you has those characteristics. If she checks all the boxes and gives you butterflies, then congrats—you’ve found the one. On the other hand, if she doesn’t check all the boxes but gives you butterflies, don’t tell her goodbye too soon. Maybe she’s not someone you want but she’s someone you need in your life. Love might not be enough in a relationship but it definitely has to be there.

How can you check if she’s the right girl on your first date?

Here are 21 flirty questions to ask a girl to see if she’s what you’ve been looking for. If you like her answers to these questions, maybe she is your perfect match. And if not, then you’ll be able to stop yourself from losing time with the wrong person. These questions will not only help you to find the right person but also to re-evaluate the things you are looking for in her.

What did you think of me when we first met and did you like me or hate me?

Out of all the flirty questions you can ask a girl, this should definitely be the first one you ask. This question will help you understand her views on life, whether she’s a ‘judge a book by its cover type’, or if she’s more open-minded and positive. If she says she didn’t like you at first, don’t take it as a bad thing. You probably have someone in your life who means the world to you now but you hated them at first. Don’t judge her opinions before you know what yours are.

What is your biggest turn-on in a guy?

This question is pretty self-explanatory. You get to know what her dream guy is like and see if you’re anywhere near that picture.

What is your biggest turn-off and your complete deal-breakers?

Just like the previous question, this one is to help you to understand her wishes. The way you’re looking for your dream girl, she’s looking for her dream guy. And if you don’t know her likes and dislikes then you won’t be able to understand her completely. Our interests say a lot about our personality.
When you know what she considers a deal-breaker in a relationship then you can sense what she’s been through before now. If she speaks about that very emotionally, that means she’s been hurt that way before. So be careful and don’t ask many follow-up questions because your night might go in the wrong direction.

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

This is an addition to question number 2. You’ll see if she likes someone only for his physical appearance or because he’s a good person who helps charities and who is dedicated to his work. This is another question you need to be careful with. If she says she likes someone just because he’s hot, don’t judge her. You know you like Megan Fox just because she’s hot. And maybe that is the first celebrity who comes to mind. But if she says she likes Channing Tatum, don’t think you need to look like him in order to be with her. That just means she fantasizes about him sometimes. No big deal. But if she takes this topic to a deeper level and starts talking about someone who truly inspires her, then listen carefully. The way she sees that guy is probably the way she wants her boyfriend to act. It also doesn’t mean you need to act like the celebrity she mentioned, it just means that she’s looking for a boyfriend who shares the same main personality traits with her celebrity crush.

Do you think that guys should always make the first move?

Even though we’re talking about flirty questions to ask a girl, there have to be some more serious questions as well. This is the perfect question to check her views on feminism and gender equality. Before asking this question, be sure to know your own views on these topics. Be prepared to hear something different from your opinions. The key to the start of a happy relationship is to stay open-minded. Don’t jump to conclusions too fast. You could hear something different and learn something new from her. If her opinion is different, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Respect what she has to say and listen to her. Give her the kind of respect you want to get in return.

Who was your first love?

Well, she doesn’t actually have to tell you his name because it’s not that important. But she should tell you about the whole experience. This question will reveal her love history and you’ll see when it was that she was mature enough to fall in love. In case she says that she’s never felt love before, it’s okay. A lot of people are not that lucky to fall in love at a young age and experience that feeling. Some people are capable of loving only one person their whole life. Maybe you are going to be that person for her.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

Okay, this one is the trickiest. There are many answers you could get to this one. If she says something about her looks, be ready to compliment her. But if she says something about her life in general or some of her characteristics, then be ready to support her. If she says she likes everything about herself then show her that you’re proud of her. But in any of these scenarios, you shouldn’t judge her. Maybe you want someone who is confident. Her wish to change something about her looks doesn’t make her less confident—it means she’s working on being comfortable in her own skin. And maybe you want someone who is not cocky. If she likes who she is, it doesn’t mean she’s cocky. Of course, there are always places for improvement but she doesn’t have to focus on one in thing in particular. She may like herself completely for who she is and for who she’s about to become.

What was the most romantic gesture that a guy made to impress you?

This question will show you whether she’s romantic or not. If you’ll like the answer depends on your own point of view on romance. Feel free to explain it to her while this topic is being discussed. Also, it’ll tell you what kinds of guys she dated before and if her taste in men actually is what she’s been talking about, because sometimes people have some standards that they do not follow in real life.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

This one is tied to the previous question. If you believe in love at first sight and she does too, then you are a perfect match. In case you both don’t, then it’s a perfect match as well. But in case you disagree, it doesn’t have to mean you should say goodbye to her. Sometimes a romantic soul needs a skeptical one to make the perfect balance in the universe.

What are your biggest passions and are these passions your hobbies?

It is well-known that a couple who share the same interests stay together the longest. It’s always good to know that you have someone by your side who will be your partner in crime. If you like the same thing, it could be that you’ve just won the jackpot.

In your opinion, which three things are the most important in a relationship?

This question will connect you on a deeper level. You’ll understand what she expects from a relationship and those things she expects are the same things she’s ready to give.

Have you ever had a dirty dream?

This is a playful question not everyone would answer. Some girls don’t like talking about it on the first date, and yet others are like an open book. It depends on what is more acceptable to her. But in case she doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t pressure her into giving you the answer. Respect her decision to skip this one.

If you could choose any place in the world you’d like to be right now, where would it be and why?

This tells you a lot about her. If she says some place on the other side of the globe, that means she’s adventurous. If she says she’d like to be next to someone she loved deeply but is no longer with us, that means she’s caring and loving. If she says the mountains or the beach, that means she’s a relaxed person who enjoys nature. There is no wrong answer here. She could be all of these things at once. This question just helps you to get to know her better.

Which is the one word that describes you the best?

This helps you get to know her as well. She can only choose one word and that word is very important. You probably already know what kinds of points of views you want your girlfriend to have and you don’t want her to think low of herself. Think about the one word you’d use to describe yourself and then see if your word and her word have been taken from the same dictionary of self-respect and confidence. In case it’s not, then maybe you could both work together on finding that dictionary.

Do you like to travel and would you like to travel anywhere in the world right now?

If you like to travel and are the adventurous type, then you’ll consider this question very important. As said in question number 10: couples with the same interests stay together. So if you’d like to be with someone who would like to travel the world with you, maybe you’ll make this question a deal-breaker. It’s up to you. But if her answer is no, then ask her some follow-up questions to see if she’s willing to fly and visit different countries for someone she loves. After all, compromise is the base pillar of a relationship.

Would you like us to spend a whole day together and if so, where?

This question shows you how much she’s interested in you and how much she knows you by now. If she chooses a place she knows you’d both like, then she’s definitely interested in you. If she proposes a trip, consider it. It is a fact that people get to know each other to the core while traveling together. If you think that you two could have something real, then definitely take a trip with her. That is the best way to see if those butterflies in your stomach are the same ones as in hers.

What do you consider a perfect date and have you ever been on one?

In case you want to take her on another date, you should know what she likes when it comes to dating. She’ll tell you if she’s ever been on a date that she considers perfect. And when she does, don’t recreate that date as she’ll spend the whole night thinking about how her ex did all of those things for her. Do what her ex did, only take it to another level. Make it all the better. Make her forget about that date and consider the one with you as the most perfect date ever. In case she’s never been on a perfect date then your job is a bit easier as you have no one to compete with. You only need to listen carefully to her wishes and plan your date as she imagined. You’ll sweep her off of her feet.

Do you think that a sense of humor is an important guy’s characteristic?

Well, this is one very simple question. If you have a great sense of humor, it doesn’t matter what her answer will be. She might say it’s not important. But it’s not a minus either. Every girl likes having someone who makes her laugh. In case you are not as funny as you’d like to be but she insists on being with a funny guy, then maybe she’s not the right girl for you.


Have you ever done something in a public place you probably shouldn’t have done?

This is another playful question not everyone would like to answer. If she answers then that means she’s fun, adventurous, and again, an open book. And who wouldn’t like to date a girl like that? Okay, maybe you wouldn’t. In that case, you’ll meet a shy girl who has never done anything bad or even if she did, she doesn’t like talking about it. Don’t worry, there are girls like that and one is just waiting for you.


What are your plans for the next 24 hours of your life?

This question is not that flirty. It only helps you to get to know her life and her habits a bit better. She will tell you her plans and you’ll see how busy her days are. She could be very busy but in case she makes some time for you in those busy 24 hours, then you know she’s a keeper.

How would you react if I told you that I like you?

Among all the flirty questions to ask a girl, this is the flirtiest one. This question will surprise her if you choose a good moment to ask her. Not only will she be surprised, she’ll be blown away by your honesty and by the fact that you’re so straightforward. If she tells you she likes you as well then you two are definitely a perfect match. You are both being honest with each other at that moment and if you keep on doing that throughout your relationship, then you’ll live happily ever after.


What to do if you’re not satisfied with her answers

Now that you have gone through all the questions, you should know how to properly flirt with a girl and show interest in her at the same time. While doing so, you’ll be able to decide whether she’s your perfect match or not. Don’t be surprised if she starts asking similar questions. Actually, be glad she’s doing that as that means she’s trying to get to know you as fast as possible, just like you’re trying to get to know her. That is also one of the signs you two are perfect for each other. In case she’s not the kind of a girl you’d like to date, then let her down easily. Be a gentleman but also be honest. Honesty is always a good decision. Tell her that you’ve gotten to know her enough that you know she’s not the girl for you and that you don’t have time to lose. But if you feel those butterflies that were mentioned a couple of times, then don’t let her go. Give your emotions a chance. It’s great to listen to your mind but if you feel like you want to see her again, then take her out again. You never know what could happen. Also, if your head is telling you she’s the one but your heart is not, then maybe your heart is right. She could be the one, maybe you will grow some feelings for her, but she might not be. Be prepared for anything. Keep in mind that love is not enough and that your reason is not enough either. If they could meet somewhere in-between then that would be fantastic.



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