Being an alpha female is hard work, but it is something all women want to aspire to. This is the type of woman the gals wish could be. Alpha females are strong and ambitious persons who are trying to achieve majestic results in their lives.

Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You

It’s no surprise that guys want to be with you and are not afraid of introducing you to their friends and families.

So, if you find yourself relating to these 7 things, I’m pretty sure you can say that you are one of the Alpha females.

1.You are just focusing on the things you love and you’re doing what you want.

You are constantly trying to be productive and you enjoy doing what you love while giving the best of yourself. You’re passionate about your life and work, always trying to learn more and more.

You’re full of dreams waiting to become reality and you’re not expecting people to applaud for you if you gain positive results and achievements. It’s enough for you to know that you’re doing something that makes you happy and satisfied.

2.You are an honest person who is not afraid of getting to the point.

You know what you want and what to expect from other people. The Alpha female never wants to go through confusing conversations. If you say ‘YES’ to someone that means ‘YES’ and vice versa.

Some people think it’s always better to please others, but you have learned how to stand up for yourself in situations when a ‘NO’ answer is required.

The Alpha female is the kind of person willing to welcome people’s opinions and suggestions regarding work or life issues. The one thing they cannot stand is lying because they’re always trying to be sincere and expect it from other people.

3.You’re feeling much better as a single person rather than with someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

You are a capable person who can do things on her own and you choose to be single until the right one knocks on your door; the one who will know how worthy you are and who will be there to help you to fulfill your dreams and life goals.

Being patient is your middle name and, no matter what, you can never settle for the guy who cannot understand you and accept you for who you are.

4.You have your own principles, but you’re willing to listen to others.

You are strong, a consciousness person, and you’re not spending your time thinking how to live your life in nowadays society. People are always trying to know what’s happening in other people’s lives, forgetting about their own.

You know that you cannot be a friend with every single person and that’s fine. You can’t please everyone in your life, but you are doing your best to treat others the way you want to be treated.

What’s for sure, you know who you are and you are always willing to listen and to help other people.

5.Your motto is “actions speak louder than words”.

Neither of us can buy people’s nonsense. You don’t want to waste your precious time thinking about people’s words and analyzing their actions. You have your life, full of happiness and satisfaction, and you don’t want to miss those good opportunities to come which are waiting for you.


But, you’re there when people need you. You respect them by being by their side when life gets hard. You’re compassionate and you’re always saying that what matters the most are our good deeds and actions.

6.You’re not afraid to say what you need to say and to leave the room.

Simply, you cannot stand fake people. You cannot stand fake attitudes. Being brave enough and saying what you need to say and going home are things you do consistently.

Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You

You’re not afraid to show up and give your opinions regarding someone or something because you always stand behind your actions and words with good reasons for acting or speaking like that.

7.You’re feeling satisfied in your own company.

Being an independent person and living on your own doesn’t make you miserable and lonely. You know you’re able to earn money and spend it in a good way because you’ll never put yourself in a situation in which you need to ask people for help.

Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You

You enjoy spending time on your own, going out for a cup of coffee, reading a book etc.

After all, the only person you know you are going to spend the rest of your life with is yourself!



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