When you are young, you probably don’t think about your character so much. For you, it is not important what your personality type is because there are more important things than that. If you are a boy, you want all the girls to go crazy about you and you want to show off in front of the guys. On the other hand, if you are a girl, you just want to look as attractive as you can and have good grades in school so you can get into some of the most prestigious colleges. But have you thought about the different types of personalities that there are and the ways they affect our lives? For example, why someone has to be an Alpha male or Alpha female? What exactly happens in our genes to make us like this or like that? I actually never thought about that until I saw how my personality makes other people around me make conclusions about my life. I realized that I can’t change so much because I will always react like my inner me wants.

And that is something that is not so easy to change. As an example, there are women who I know who have been Betas for their whole lives but now they want to change that and become Alphas because they like the spirit of Alpha females. And no matter how hard it is to explain to them that they can’t just transform into someone they are not overnight, they don’t want to hear it. So now I would like to talk a little bit about all those types of personalities that exist and tell you something about the pros and cons of every type. You’ve probably mostly only heard about Alpha and Beta personalities but there are more of them, like Gamma, Omega, Delta and Sigma.

Even if they didn’t exist before, in this modern age where there are so many different types of people, there had to be some distinction between them. And that’s how these types of personalities developed. So if you are interested in which personality type you are, check the descriptions of each type, for both male and female. So let’s start; this will be a long piece but one definitely worth reading!

Alpha personality – male

The Alpha male is the most desirable man of all, the one who is good-looking, the leader of the pack, a poison for all women and the one who runs his business so well that all of his business partners are jealous of him for all those clever ideas he has. A man like this is a born leader, so when he speaks, the rest of the people around him keep their mouths shut. He is always at the center of attention and when he is talking, people look like someone put a spell on them. All of the people in his company tend to feel good because he is good enough to ask them to join him and all of them, including his superiors, are amazed by the ideas he can think of at very short notice.

A man like this is definitely someone who loves social gatherings and who enjoys being the star of every discussion. He likes to be among people and he hates when he is all alone. In that way, he feels all drained, like he doesn’t have any energy left, which is why he tries to always be out with his friends, telling some funny jokes so they can all laugh and enjoy life. He likes his freedom the most in the world and he doesn’t want to sacrifice it, no matter what. When he sees a woman he is attracted to, he doesn’t hesitate and he approaches her immediately, not giving her time to refuse him. From a man like this, you will always hear some cute pick-up lines that will make any woman fall for him. And when I say fall for him, I mean fall really hard.

Because that is the only way women fall for guys like this. Regarding all this that you have read, you can conclude that this type of a personality is the most attractive and appealing and that both women and men want to be Alphas. But that title is reserved only for those lucky ones and I just hope that you are one of them!


Alpha personality – female

Okay, let’s get one thing straight—if you are an Alpha female you are a fucking rock star, a mix of Angelina Jolie and Milla Jovovich.

Alpha women have beauty, charm, intelligence and they know how to handle difficult situations very well. They are the type of woman every man would love to have but that doesn’t mean that she will accept just any proposal for dating or marriage. She knows her worth and she is just fine being on her own. She is always bossy and sarcastic in some situations but she is also progressive.

And the best part is that the rest of the women look at her like she is a God, just waiting for what she has to say so they can also act like that. She is someone who thinks with her own head, not really listening to what other people have to say. Also, the good thing about her is that she is really emotional but she never reveals her true face. A woman like this has been hurt before and that’s why she doesn’t want to let people do it to her again. So she remains peaceful beneath her mask of a strong woman. In business, she is a beast who can get whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. In romantic relationships, in most cases, she is the one who makes the first move but that is totally normal for her to do.

Also, she is not intimidated by strong guys and she will tell them what she thinks, no matter the circumstances. A woman like this is something that most women want to be or become but it is something that you have or don’t have. You need to be born with the characteristics of an alpha female and it is not really something that you can learn during your life. So, all of you who recognized yourself in these words, congratulations because nature gave you something that most women crave all their lives.

Beta personality – male

Here we are, talking about Beta personality guys, who are as good as Alphas but with a few more emotions and feelings. So, let’s define the word ‘Beta’ from the start. What does that mean? Well, put simply, Beta guys are all those nice guys who you want to meet one day, to marry one. They are the kind of guys you want to have kids with and when you meet one, you will have the feeling that he can be your best friend and your lover at the same time.

A Beta male is reserved, sensitive, responsible and moderate. They are easily embarrassed and not quite sure about their looks or their personality. If you see a guy who is just keeping quiet and smiling from time to time while his other friends talk and tell funny jokes, he must be a Beta male. He feels comfortable enough to go out with his friends and to have a good time but when it comes to talking, he isn’t quite sure that he can do that well. In fact, he is scared that he will say something wrong in front of the girls and that he will embarrass himself. And when he is with the guys, he doesn’t want to tell them all kinds of stuff because he knows that if he reveals his true feelings, they will tease him about that.

In his business, he is always the reliable one; that’s even if he is not in the spotlight, so his bosses don’t see his potential and he doesn’t get all those promotions and rewards when he should. In romantic relationships, he is always faithful, so nowadays, many women choose to marry this kind of guy because he is hubby material. All in all, he is more down to earth than an Alpha male and it is much easier to form a stable relationship with him.


Beta personality – female

A Beta female is like the good sister of an Alpha female. She is the one who does all those things that nobody else wants to do and somehow she always gets less attention than an Alpha female. She is some sort of a Bridget Jones type of person—the one who never gets what she really craves. She is reliable, a good friend and a good listener. A woman like this makes for an amazing best friend and she is always there for her loved ones. She can be passive-aggressive but she always goes with the flow. She thinks that it is better if she doesn’t react like she feels because in that way she can prevent fights. Women like this are nurturing and they often don’t think that they are attractive.

They always think that nobody will like them so when someone compliments them, they get really surprised. They are really anxious about competing with other women, so they tend to end up with someone they don’t like so much just because they don’t want to be alone. In business, women like this always go the extra mile and they sacrifice their spare time for things they have to finish for their work.

In romantic relationships, most of the time they are scared to make the first move and they wait for guys to do that. They just think they are not good enough for a man and they don’t have enough courage to make the first move. But all in all, they have a very nice personality and they are not mean. What they have is what they have earned with their own efforts and nobody can take that away from them.

Gamma personality – male


This kind of guy is mostly an introvert trying to get his voice heard. He has intelligence but he is not close to an Alpha or Beta male. In fact, he is something in-between. He tries so hard to achieve his goals but he doesn’t want to go the extra mile to finish something even if he knows that by doing so he will gain the respect he craves so much. He is the type of guy who wants to be famous by any means necessary but that always fails. In business, he is sneaky and he wants to get things done even if he doesn’t put in a lot of effort.

With their bosses, they will be the ones who will just nod their heads to everything their bosses have to say and the ones who never say what they actually think about something. In romantic relationships, they can be very difficult to handle because they can be obsessed with the girl they like. In fact, he can transform into a stalker if she doesn’t want to go out with him or if she avoids him. A man like this lacks self-esteem and he always thinks that no matter how hard he tries, he will never be enough. A Gamma male enjoys being alone and he doesn’t really care about what others have to say. In relationships, he can be very clingy and that can lead to the ending of all of his romantic endeavors.

When he falls in love, he falls hard and he thinks that his partner is the best woman in the world and that he can trust her no matter what happens. He is too blind to see when a woman takes advantage of him and he would rather live deceived about something being right even if it is not. He is very sensitive and you can see that by the way he looks at people and sympathizes with them.

Gamma personality – female

The most important characteristic of a Gamma female is that she likes to be caught. But only a man strong enough can make her settle down and start a family together. The Gamma woman is in direct contrast to an Alpha woman and you can see that by her lifestyle, her clothes, her partner and her job. A woman like this is always collaborative and ready to help. She is someone who feels good when she has all the information that could help her reach her business goals.

She always strives to be healthy and she feels damn good in her own skin. If you want to rock her world, you need to be a really strong man or she won’t even look at you. She knows that she doesn’t need a man to complete her and she sticks to that rule. Her environment and nature are extremely important to her, and she will always take care that she keeps her home and her surroundings as clean as she can.

Faith and all those spiritual things are very important to her and she always finds her inner peace when she prays. She is someone who is goal-oriented but also willing to share all her knowledge with people who deserve it. In business, she doesn’t think that there are any hard things to do, only things that need more time to get done. When we are talking about romantic relationships, she can never be with a guy if she feels that they haven’t clicked.

She needs to know that he is completely hers so she can go all in. She knows her worth so she won’t settle for a man who doesn’t deserve her. And in the end, she always gets what she wants because she makes long-term plans for her life, using different tactics for success.

Omega personality – male

An Omega male is a healthy combination of all the good things that Alphas and Betas have. Just like the Alpha male, he is the leader in his relationships, being the dominant one all the time. When he is in love, he sets some strong boundaries and never crosses them. He is not the type of guy that women can twist around their little fingers but he gives them all that they need for a happy relationship. His main priority is to make his woman safe and comfortable but he also needs her to give him all those things too. He is the kind of guy every Omega female will settle for because in the end, you attract what you are. In his business, he doesn’t want to be a team player as he would rather do things alone.

Once he gets great results, he is proud of himself and he shows his happiness to his co-workers, showing them that he is clever enough for the real deal. Sometimes he doesn’t know what he stands for and when things don’t happen like he imagined, he thinks that it is the fault of other people. In business, he thinks that he is the smartest one, saying that the whole system would fall apart without him. In romantic relationships, he is difficult to catch and more difficult to handle. He has a twisted idea of love and he only wants his desires and needs to be satisfied. He is not a good giver and when he gives something, he immediately wants a better thing as his reward. He is hard to please so most women don’t like to go on dates with him. He often ends up alone just because he isn’t willing to listen to his partner.


Omega personality – female

A woman like this is not a social butterfly and she will spend most of her time alone. She is a highly intelligent woman and she is not afraid to show that to others. Just like an Omega male, social gatherings are not her cup of a tea and she instead stays home alone and thinks up some brilliant ideas. The problem with women like this is that they are generally overlooked but that doesn’t mean that they are not diamonds in the rough. The bad thing about them is that they are prone to breakdowns. When something does not go the way she imagined, she can actually have a nervous breakdown and totally fall apart. In their private life, they tend to be a little bit messy and lazy. In business, she is the type of a person who always put others first and she is always there to help them and to share her knowledge.

She always shows everyone that she is her own person and that she actually doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. When she is in love, she wants it all or nothing at all. She wants to experience the kind of love people write books about but she is not someone who goes all in if she sees that it is not the real deal. No matter how much she loves a man, she will put herself first because she knows that if she can’t make herself happy, she won’t be able to do so with other people either. A woman like this is definitely worth knowing because you can learn so many smart things from her. The most important thing about her is that no matter how rough she can pretend to be, deep down she is still that little girl who is just fighting in this world full of wolves.

Delta personality – male

A Delta male is a normal guy who just tries to be as successful as he can and who tries to find someone who will be able to understand him. He doesn’t have the same amount of self-esteem as an Alpha male but he is not far from it. In social gatherings, he is not afraid to say what he thinks, regardless of whether women are present or not. He likes to be admired so he gets really proud of himself when someone says that he is good at entertaining. A man like this likes nice things, like nice women and expensive cars. He knows his worth and he always has some goals that he wants to achieve so he can be at peace for the rest of his life. He can’t attract the most attractive women so he has to settle for his second or third option.

He is optimistic about women but finds them mysterious and sometimes he can be afraid of some of them. In business, he tries to be the best version of himself and doesn’t mind going the extra mile to finish his job on time or to be promoted to a higher position. The most important thing about him is that he often works hard just so he can forget his private problems. He tries to suffocate his feelings when they are not positive and that makes him an emotionally unavailable man. But with the right woman, he can transform into a dream guy and give her everything that she needs to be happy. He will always put the love of his life first if he knows that it will pay off in the long-term.

Delta personality – female


This kind of woman is withdrawn, private and to some extent, disaffected. She was an Alpha in her youth but unfortunately she didn’t make her dreams come true and now she is living a life she is not so proud of. She has assertive energy instead of aggressive energy and she knows that it takes a lot of time to achieve her goals so she doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Instead of competing with women, she cooperates with them, trying to find the middle ground for all those issues that might happen among them. She is the type of woman who wants to have a partner who will be her best friend and then her lover. She knows that it takes a lot of time to actually fall in love with someone, so she takes things slow. There is no need to rush into anything and when she behaves like that she feels much more sure in herself. In her life, it is more about meaningful experiences than about meaningless things. In business and in her romantic life, she really respects communication because she knows that it is the key to every stable and healthy relationship. She knows her worth but sometimes she gets nervous when there are other women around the man she is in love with.

She would be really happy if she could have a little bit more self-esteemand that is one of her biggest fears and one of her biggest problems. But all in all, a woman like this always tries to be the best version of herself, even when that sometimes means going the extra mile to achieve that.

Sigma personality – male

The Sigma male is an outsider of the male hierarchy, who succeeds despite rejecting the hierarchy itself. He is a lone wolf who doesn’t want to reveal anything about himself, so that makes him so mysterious. Sigma is often quiet but never shy or intimidated. They are very assertive and will speak and make themselves heard when they need to. A man like this is confident, self-assured and comfortable in his own skin. He is very good at both physical and intellectual jobs and he doesn’t have any problems learning new things to get where he wants to be. He is completely independent, like a real wolf who doesn’t pay attention to what the sheep have to say.

The most important thing about them is that they are not born, they are made. They are shaped by years of adversity and physical and mental trial. He can often be even more powerful than the Alpha or the Omega male in social situations, due to his ability to persuade and manipulate people. He is neither a follower nor a leader but rather a wild card. In romantic relationships, a man like this seeks perfection, so he will not be with someone he doesn’t really like just to not end up alone. For him, it is better to be alone than in bad company, so he will remain like that until he finds a woman who will rock his world. The most important thing about him is that he will always take risks to achieve good things rather than to settle for less than he deserves.

Sigma personality – female

A woman like this will be feared by an Alpha, which is why she does everything to look or behave just like an Alpha but in fact, that is something that she can never manage to be. She is a person who never forgets that someone hurt her in the past so she will want to get revenge, no matter how long she has to wait to do that. Like a predator, she will remain in the dark, waiting for her victim to come out so she can catch them. By seeking revenge, she makes herself feel much better and the taste of victory makes her feel like she’s on cloud nine.

When she is mad, nobody wants to disagree with her because she looks like someone who could kill. She is very proud of all that she has accomplished and she never gives others the opportunity to bring her down. When you see a woman like this, you will probably be intimidated by her but in fact she is okay if you don’t do her any harm. In romantic relationships, she wants to attract the best-looking guy in the crowd and she wants him to be as successful as she is. That’s why she always seeks an Alpha male to be her partner and she won’t settle for someone who doesn’t have all of his qualities. But not to be too harsh on them, I must say that they have good sides to their personality too.

They make great friends and they would do anything to make them happy. When their friends need them, they will drop everything to be with them. One more characteristic that they possess is to do with social dynamics. When they like the company they are in, they can really be in the spotlight but if they don’t like the people who surround them, they act as introverts. And what makes the story more interesting is that people can never truly read them.




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