We’re the first to admit that we are nowhere near perfect and are constantly making mistakes in our relationships. While we might like to pretend that we have everything under control, we totally mess up a little once in a while. Even though we’re able to acknowledge our own faults, it seems like we expect our lover to be perfect.

The truth is that each astro sign comes with their own baggage that seems to be a part of their personality. We’re all guaranteed to make mistakes based on our signs, and so is our lover. Rather than constantly putting him down for making the same mistakes a little bit too often, it’s better for us to realize what mistake he’s going to make. We have to understand that it’s simply part of his nature.

Every sign has a few bad behaviours that they hold onto, and that’s totally fine!

The sooner we accept that he’s guaranteed to make a few mistakes, the sooner we’ll be able to focus on strengthening our relationship. We recommend having a talk about these reoccurring mistakes, but not to make a big deal of it. The key to a strong relationship is communication, but a bit of understanding is crucial, too.

Get ready to have the relationship flourish as we understand what mistakes our lover is simply guaranteed to make!

24Pisces 1st Mistake: Doesn’t Respect Personal Time

The main mistake a Pisces constantly makes is that he does not respect his lover’s personal time. When he finds himself in a new relationship he becomes incredibly obsessed with his partner. He wants to spend all of his time with this person and can’t comprehend why they should spend even a moment apart.

While it might be amazing to be constantly texting, sometimes it’s important to spend some time apart. This gives both people the chance to reflect on the newfound relationship and how everything is going. The best part is that you and your lover will begin to miss each other a ton, which will make being together so much better!

23Pisces 2nd Mistake: Falls In Love Way Too Quickly

It seems like the second mistake that a Pisces makes is falling for his partner a little too quickly. The moment that he falls for someone is the moment that he gives them his all. While it’s amazing that he’s willing to show his genuine self to his lover, this isn’t exactly the best as he’s moving way too quickly.

Instead, it seems like falling too hard is a little bit of a mistake. A Pisces is known for coming off a little too strong, even if he genuinely cares for his new lover. However, this mistake has to be the least harmful on our list as it’s simply part of a Pisces nature. We’re pretty sure that every girl wants her man to fall head over heels for her!

22Leo 1st Mistake: Comes Off Way Too Clingy

When a Leo likes someone, he’s going to make it known. He doesn’t see any reason why he should keep his feelings to himself when he feels like he met his soulmate. While we understand that he feels like he met the person of his dreams, he might come off a little too strong.

A Leo is known for going all-in when he falls in love, to the extent of him coming off as clingy. While we might wish that Leo would approach the relationship in a bit calmer manner, this isn’t too much of a serious issue. We completely understand where he’s coming from and don’t want to push him away. This might be a difficult one to handle, so we recommend simply setting boundaries!

21Leo 2nd Mistake: Always Oversharing With Others

It wouldn’t be a problem if our Leo lover felt the need to overshare with us. However, it seems like he’s oversharing with everyone around him. As long as we’re in the loop, we’re fine with it. Yet, issues arise once we realize that Leo is sharing a little bit too much information with others on the state of our relationship.

The truth is that Leo is incredibly honest and doesn’t feel the need to hide anything from anyone. That’s why when someone asks him about the state of his relationship, he isn’t scared to let them know the truth. If something isn’t going well, Leo will talk to other people about it. While we’re all for his getting a second opinion, but we wish that he would talk to us about these problems rather than making them known to the whole world.

20Scorpio 1st Mistake: He’s Still Talking To His Ex

In our eyes, there is absolutely no reason why our lover should still be talking to his ex. We can’t even think of one justified reason why he should still be in contact with her. If you’re still friends with your ex, it’s probably because you still have some feelings for them.

We’re not about to let this mistake slide as it might ruin our whole relationship. If you find yourself in this situation, you better make it known to your lover that you’re not okay with him staying friendly with his ex. You never know if their emotions for each other will arise again. That’s why we recommend that you talk to your man about this mistake ASAP if he keeps making it!

19Scorpio 2nd Mistake: Has A Wandering Eye

It seems like a Scorpio just isn’t able to settle down. Instead, he’s constantly looking around to make sure that there isn’t anything better. And you’re never truly invested in your relationship if you’re still looking for a better option than the one that you have right in front of you.

If you find yourself dating a Scorpio who has this problem, you should be on alert. No one deserves a partner who has a wandering eye or is looking for someone better. If he’s not happy with how things are, then he should totally move on. We’re not about to date someone who’s willing to leave us if someone “better” comes along.

18Sagittarius 1st Mistake: Pretends That Everything Is Just Fine

It seems like a Sagittarius is convinced that everything is fine in his relationship when it’s actually not. But he prefers to have a carefree attitude, looking for the positive in every situation that he finds himself in. While we adore his positive attitude, he’s actually ignoring the major issues at hand.

Our Sagittarius lover isn’t necessarily blind to the issues, he just prefers to ignore them. The truth is that he gets super anxious every time issues are discussed. He’d rather pretend that everything is perfect than deal with what’s really going on. For him, it’s better to not discuss problems, in fear of them only growing and becoming much worse.

17Sagittarius 2nd Mistake: Makes Himself Too Available

If you’re dating a Sagittarius, then you know that he is always there for you. Even when things get a little tough, you know that you can always depend on your partner to be there. We adore that when a Sagittarius finds themselves in a relationship they make sure to give it their all.

However, it seems like sometimes a Sagittarius makes the mistake of becoming a little too available. Whether it’s something big or small, he’s always there to deliver it to his lover. While we adore this quality about the sign, it seems like he’s putting himself in a situation where he can easily be taken advantage of. Even if his partner is wrong, he’s willing to do whatever they ask.

16Cancer 1st Mistake: Becomes A Little Obsessive

If he feels like he’s found his ideal partner, he will give the relationship his all. For a Cancer, nothing can get in the way of him and his dream love life. That’s why if you notice that your lover is becoming a little obsessive, it’s totally natural for a Cancer.

In his eyes, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. If that means constantly working on strengthening the relationship, he’ll make sure to do so. Get ready to constantly be discussing any minor issues with a Cancer, as he won’t let anything go unnoticed. While he is totally coming off a little bit too obsessive and even crazy, it’s part of his nature. He simply wants everything to work out!

15Cancer 2nd Mistake: Expects His Partner To Change

Since he’s so obsessed with making sure that his relationship works out, he’s willing to change who he is for the better. However, that often means that he also expects his lover to change who she is for the betterment of the relationship.

While we’re all for self-improvement and giving up negative habits, we’re not exactly willing to change who we are in order for the relationship to prosper. However, it seems like Cancer is expecting us to change who we are to make things work. There is a really fine line between changing for the better and changing who we are. Don’t let a Cancer try to force you to become someone you’re not. If he’s not willing to fall for who you are, then he can find someone else.

14Libra 1st Mistake: Blowing Issues Out Of Proportion

A Libra is known for blowing issues out of proportion. It seems like absolutely everything stresses him out, and he doesn’t want to find himself in a situation where there are unresolved issues. That’s why in his eyes the only way to deal with even a tiny issue is to overcomplicate it and figure out whether this issue can cause the relationship to crumble.

Simply talk to the Libra about his tendency to overreact and blow issues out of proportion. He’s doing this to fix problems, rather than letting them go unnoticed. However, his overanalyzing tendencies seem to be consuming the whole relationship with conflicts, rather than allowing time for enjoying the good things.

13Libra 2nd Mistake: Won’t Work On Bettering Himself

While he’s constantly working on fixing any issue with his lover, he isn’t exactly willing to take the blame for his own mistakes. Rather, it seems like he’s forcing his partner to change her ways in order to fix problems, rather than looking at himself.

He simply can’t expect for the relationship to flourish if he isn’t willing to put in the work. The last thing that we want is to date someone who isn’t willing to compromise. The solution to many of these issues is him actually changing his ways. The next time that you notice him trying to convince you that there is an issue that has to be dealt with, try to see if him changing his ways will actually be the solution.

12Virgo 1st Mistake: Hides From Issues As A Defense Mechanism

A Virgo is no stranger to hiding from his issues when he becomes stressed. Rather than dealing with what’s actually going on, the Virgo decides to hide from reality and pretend that everything is okay. This defense mechanism keeps him from getting way too stressed out over what’s going on.

While we can totally understand this thought process, this is the last thing that you want to do in a relationship. If you’re dating a Virgo, get ready for your lover to run away from his responsibilities and towards whatever keeps him calm. You’ll notice that when an issue comes up, he’d rather pretend that everything is okay instead of dealing with it.

11Virgo 2nd Mistake: Becomes Overly Protective

A Virgo is so scared that everything is going to fall apart that he looks for a way to hold onto whatever he can. This manifests in a relationship as the Virgo becomes incredibly overprotective of his partner in fear of her leaving him.

He’s not about to let anything get in the way of his happiness, and he’s willing to become a little obsessive in order to protect what he has. A Virgo doesn’t want to lose everything amazing that he has going on, and would much rather make sure that he and his partner are happier than ever. However, this creates the problem of his partner feeling suffocated in the relationship.

10Gemini 1st Mistake: Isn’t Willing To Compromise

A Gemini is utterly convinced that they know what is best and that everyone should follow their lead. That’s why when they end up in a relationship they naturally take control of things to nudge them in their favour. If you’re dating a Gemini, you’ll soon begin to take note of how little control you actually have in comparison to your partner.

While the Gemini is an amazing leader, they shouldn’t have full control of what’s going on when it comes to love. You’ll notice your partner try to get things to go their way rather than compromising. The best thing that you can do in this situation is to communicate openly with your lover over what’s going on. Don’t let him push you to do things his way when he isn’t willing to meet you in the middle!

9Gemini 2nd Mistake: Tries To Constantly Impress His Lover

It’s incredibly adorable how the Gemini goes out of his way to make sure that his lover adores him. Even when the relationship has reached a comfortable stage, the Gemini will never give up trying to impress his partner. He’s willing to go above and beyond to showcase his love to his girlfriend.

While we absolutely adore a Gemini for always trying, this often gets a little bit out of control. He isn’t able to realize the amazing comfortable stage that the relationship has entered. Both partners adore each other for who they truly are, rather than the act that they put on in the past. The Gemini isn’t able to really settle down in the relationship when he’s constantly putting on a show.

8Capricorn 1st Mistake: Is Never Satisfied In The Relationship

It’s safe to say that Sagittarius is one of the most difficult people to be in a relationship with. That’s because he’s always looking for more out of his relationship as he has such high standards that almost no one can reach them.

This has to be one of the worst relationship mistakes on our list as it’s the most complicated to deal with. You’re going to find yourself in situations where your partner just isn’t happy. While we adore that he’s constantly striving for more, it’s time that he understands that relationships are simply not perfect. Once he realizes that, he’ll be able to fully appreciate what he has.

7Capricorn 2nd Mistake: Hiding His Past

It seems like the Capricorn is a little bit scared to fully open up to his lover. Since he doesn’t necessarily have to share everything about his past, he’ll prefer to keep it in the dark. However, all of the issues that he continues to face to this day are a part of his past that must be analyzed.

The sooner he opens up to his lover on things that he’d rather keep quiet, the sooner he’ll begin to overcome them. While we might all want to ignore the things stressing us out, we should open up to our partner about them. We recommend that you ask your partner about his past, refraining from pushing him to open up if he’s not yet ready.

6Aquarius 1st Mistake: Lives A Double Life

The Aquarius is constantly keeping different part of his lives separate from one another. One of the main things that we’ve noticed is that he doesn’t feel like integrating his family, friends, and lover together. Instead, he would much rather keep all of these relationships separate from one another.

If he feels the need to hide these people from each other, then something is definitely wrong. He can’t keep pretending that everything is okay when it’s not. Living a double, or even triple, life is the worst thing that someone could do. While we could totally be keeping his family or friends away from you as they’re problematic, there is still a chance that it’s the other way around.

5Aquarius 2nd Mistake: Has A Negative Attitude

An Aquarius has been through some pretty intense relationship issues and now has a pessimistic attitude. While he’s more than happy in his current relationship, he keeps making the mistake of holding onto the past. He’s positive that if he opens up too much, the same thing will happen yet again.

If you’re dating an Aquarius, then we’re positive that there is nothing that you want more than to have your partner change this negative attitude. Since this is a new relationship there is no reason that it will end up like his old one. It seems like he hasn’t overcome his emotions from his previous relationship, though, and this mistake is holding him back.

4Aries 1st Mistake: Likes Other Girls Photos On Social Media

While we definitely don’t want to be those crazy girlfriends that are obsessing over our man liking other girls photos on social media, we’re so not going to let this slide. There is literally no reason why he should feel the need to constantly be liking girls’ photos online.

If the only thing he’s doing on social media is liking and commenting on girls photos, we aren’t cool with it. This major mistake is only pushing us away as we feel like he’s more interested in what he could have, rather than what he has. Unless he changes his ways, we’re so going to be out of the picture.

3Aries 2nd Mistake: Purposely Leaves Out Important Details

This is getting a little bit annoying. While we initially thought that our man may have forgotten to bring up these critical details, it seems like he’s purposely “forgetting” them. In his eyes, rather than starting up yet another fight, it is much better to leave out what’s going on.

He would much rather not start an issue by keeping us in the dark as to what’s actually going on. While he might think that this is a great idea, it’s the complete opposite. That’s because he’s actually lying as he hides these critical details from us. He’s totally going to have to overcome this mistake if he wants the relationship to move on!

2Taurus 1st Mistake: Reveals Emotions Early On

It’s amazing that he truly feels comfortable with his partner, however it seems as if he’s revealing his emotions a little bit too early. This is a major mistake as it causes the other person to question why they’re opening up so quickly. Often times it’s because the person is looking for someone to depend on rather than someone with whom to build a healthy relationship.

The last thing you want is to have your partner stop opening up to you so much. However, they do need to come to terms with why they’re sharing so much early on. Perhaps the Taurus genuinely feels comfortable in the relationship and wants to express himself. Or perhaps he’s looking for someone to support him. Whatever it may be, you’re going to have to figure out his intentions.

1Taurus 2nd Mistake: Can’t Get Rid Of Bad Habits

If you find yourself dating a Taurus, you’ll notice that he comes with a ton of bad habits. It seems like he’s been single for what seems like forever and hasn’t had to change his ways for anyone. However, now that he’s in a new relationship he thinks he can keep on doing things the way he always has.

It’s time for him to understand that he’s going to have to change his ways in order for things to really work out. You’re going to have to have a talk with your Taurus lover about all of these bad habits that he has to quit. While he won’t be able to do it overnight, in time he’ll totally be able to ditch these reoccurring mistakes!



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