Music can really help a person get through a lot. Whether you’re feeling really happy about something and want to dance, celebrate, and have a good time or things aren’t going so well and you just want to chill and not talk to anyone about it, there’s probably a song out there that perfectly describes the situation.


Anyone who has ever been through a breakup will know that they can be tough. But music is definitely something that can make a rough breakup a little bit better.

12Aquarius: Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande

An Aquarius loves to be original and stand out. They definitely don’t like anything to be boring. After a breakup, they’re not likely to want to focus on the relationship that they’re leaving behind. That makes Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande the perfect song for them.

In this song, Ariana touches on her previous relationships but the main focus isn’t on these exes or what went wrong. Instead, she sings about the fact that she learned from them and took something positive from each relationship in order to better herself. This song being all about the singer is perfect for an Aquarius.

11Pisces: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

A Pisces is someone who tends to be compassionate and intuitive. The perfect song for a Pisces is one that focuses on moving on past a relationship instead of dwelling on the past, something that a Pisces is definitely not a fan of doing.


In We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Taylor looks back on a relationship that ended. Instead of singing about how much she misses her ex or the good times they had, she’s focused on why they really weren’t great together and how it’s a good thing that they’re over so she can move on.

10Aries: Hair – Little Mix

An Aries is someone who tends to be confident and determined but can sometimes have a short temper. After a breakup, an Aries’ impulsive side is likely to make them want to make a big change. That, paired with their short temper makes Hair by Little Mix a perfect song for after a breakup.

In this song, the Little Mix girls sing about how they should’ve realized sooner that their ex was really not that great of a person. Instead of missing them, they decide to make a big change in their life and move on past that part of their relationship.

9Taurus: Crying in the Club – Camila Cabello

A Taurus is someone who tends to be reliable and stable in most aspects of their lives, but this can make them pretty stubborn and they definitely don’t like change. That’s why a song about just letting go and shaking up your routine a little in order to have a good time is perfect for a Taurus.

Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello is about going through a breakup and being convinced that you’ll never get over it or fall in love again. In the chorus of this pop hit, Camila sings about letting go of everything on your mind in order to just have a good time. That may not be easy for a routine-loving Taurus but it will help them move on!

8Gemini: Colors – Halsey

A Gemini is someone who tends to be curious and adaptable but can sometimes be a little inconsistent. Because a Gemini is typically someone who dislikes being by themselves, a song like Colors by Halsey that mainly focuses on the other half of a failed relationship and their time together is perfect.


This song focuses on the way that the singer felt while they were dating their ex. With lyrics like “I’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you,” it’s perfect for a Gemini who is struggling with the concept of being alone, despite usually being adaptable to new situations to relate to after a breakup.

7Cancer: Lie to Me – 5 Seconds of Summer

A Cancer is someone who tends to be emotional and loyal but can sometimes get a little on the moody side. Although there are a lot of upbeat breakup songs, one that’s more on the serious side is perfect for a Cancer’s emotional nature, making Lie to Me by 5 Seconds of Summer perfect.

This song details a relationship that ended and focuses on the singer looking back on the happy times in their relationship. Emotional lyrics like “Changing flights so you stay with me/Problem was, I thought I had this right” and “Now I wish we never met/’Cause you’re too hard to forget” appeal to a Cancer’s emotional side.

6Leo: It Ain’t Me – Kygo ft. Selena Gomez

A Leo is someone who tends to be generous and warm-hearted. This side of them means they often want to make other people happy but that’s not always what’s best for them, as is the case of the relationship detailed in the song It Ain’t Me by Kygo, featuring Selena Gomez.


In this song, Selena sings over a beat produced by Kygo about a relationship she was in and how she won’t be the one to take care of her former lover anymore. Lyrics about moving on from a relationship in order to put themselves first for once are perfect for a Leo going through a breakup.

5Virgo: Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld

A Virgo is someone who tends to be loyal and analytical but can sometimes be a little hard on themselves. After a breakup, it’s easy to get a little down on yourself, especially for a sign already prone to doing this. That’s why a song about loving yourself and not needing someone else is great for a Virgo.

Love Myself is the first single that Hailee Steinfeld released after she stepped into the world of music. This song is one that’s about getting over a breakup but more than anything, this catchy tune is about loving yourself and not relying on anyone else to make you feel good.

4Libra: Don’t Hurt – Essy

A Libra is someone who tends to be pretty cooperative and social. Constantly wanting to work with others in a way that can benefit them both means that a Libra can often avoid confrontation.

In Don’t Hurt, a song that Sierra Deaton released under the stage name Essy after breaking free from Alex & Sierra, the musical duo she was a part of with her ex, she sings about a past relationship. In this song, she sings about trying to find the balance between being exes and being friends with her ex. For a Libra that likes to be diplomatic and fair to others, this is definitely a relatable situation.

3Scorpio: Call Out My Name – The Weeknd

A Scorpio is a person that tends to be passionate and loyal to their friends but they can be somewhat jealous and distrusting at times. After a breakup, it’s easy for anyone to look back on their relationship and wonder if their ex was truly as into the relationship as they were. Especially for a naturally jealous Scorpio.

In Call Out My Name by The Weeknd, these fears that naturally come to a Scorpio during a breakup are on full display. In this song, The Weeknd sings about the fact that he can’t get over his ex but can’t help but feel like she just didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

2Sagittarius: Green Light – Lorde

A Sagittarius tends to be someone who can be pretty idealistic but they can be impatient and will often speak their mind without worrying about the feelings of other people when they say things. This is why a song like Green Light by Lorde is perfect for a Sagittarius going through a breakup.

In this song, Lorde sings about the emotional distance between herself and her ex and how she imagines telling her ex’s new love the truth about what happened between the two of them. For a Sagittarius that tends always wants to speak their mind even when they can’t or even shouldn’t, this song is perfect.

1Capricorn: Rainy Days In LA – Adam&Steve ft. Waterparks

A Capricorn tends to be someone who has a good sense of self-control but can often expect the worst in a lot of situations. When going through a breakup, this can be especially true because of a Capricorn’s tendency to be unforgiving.

Rainy Days in LA is a song by YouTube personality Elijah Daniel, who goes by his stage name adam&steve for music, featuring the band Waterparks. The song features lyrics like “Bet you still wear the hoodie that I left on your floor/Bet it still smells like the day that I walked out the door” which are easy for a disciplined and unforgiving Capricorn to relate to.



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