Life is hectic. No, really, it is! Doesn’t matter if you’re a college student drowning in schoolwork, or a mother of two trying to juggle job and family together, everyone has their own sources of stress. And you don’t need us to tell you that stress, lack of sleep, bad eating habits and all that bad stuff will take a toll on you. Not just physically, mentally as well!

Self-care is essential, especially in this day and age. Life is messy enough as it is, but 5 minutes spent watching the news are enough to make us feel 10 years older. It has never been more imperative for you to take a step back from all the craziness and breathe. It’s not selfish, it’s essential! In the words of queen Ru Paul, “if you don’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?”

Words to live by, and because different people require different things, we’re about to give you exactly what you need. Sit tight and read on, it’s time to learn the best way to practice self-care according to your zodiac sign.


It’s time to get your heart rate up and follow it up with some relaxing time. You’re a heck of a competitor, and you enjoy being surrounded by others in a competitive environment where there’s a very good chance you’ll do above average. Do yourself a favor and go to a group class at the gym! Do some Zumba for a massive calorie burn, or some BodyPump to really get that body definition going.

Right after you’re done, take a shower and drive yourself to the nearest hair salon. Aries women will feel brand new and relaxed, especially if they book a long head massage to go with the new haircut. The best way to end the day will be lighting up a scented candle – we know fire speaks to you! – and meditate for half an hour. Self-care has never looked better!


Venus rules you, so your need to look and feel good overshadows pretty much everything else. How about you make sure that your self-care routine is centered around things that will make you feel like a fairy, and look like a princess? Book a long, calming facial, a massage, and take a tour around your nearest Sephora to restock on perfume and makeup.

To top it off, take the afternoon off and go for a picnic. Whether you go by yourself you ask a loved one to join, let your hair down, take your shoes off and allow yourself to deeply connect with mother Earth. Every time will feel like you were reborn!


You have a lot of thoughts, a lot of feelings, and a lot of emotions. You constantly need to vent about one thing or other, and you might feel anxiety pilling up if you don’t. Make your self-care day all about unwinding in some way, shape or form.

Take all that bottled up energy and go for a long run or a kickboxing class. Call up your best friend and have a long afternoon at the nail salon, chatting up the ladies and talking to each other about nothing and everything. You’ll feel a thousand times lighter, and get a beautiful new manicure in the process!


You’re always putting up a front, and making the world believe you’re the toughest girl on the block can get really exhausting…especially when you’re boiling with sensitive emotions inside. Your self-care day needs a major focus on making you feel safe and loved, so you can take a break from your everyday self.

Have someone you love come over and binge watch something fun while you cuddle and hug. It doesn’t matter if it’s your sister, your boyfriend, or your best friend, you need to feel a calming level of protection. Bring out the blankets and the junk food, it’s gonna be one hell of a day!


You’re slowly feeling your energy dropping to an alarmingly low level. No Leo in the world would be shocked by this fact, considering you’re putting enough work to put every CEO to shame. But it’s time to slow down and make sure you’re ready to tackle a whole new cycle, with a renewed motivation.


Sleep in, and take an extra nap in the afternoon. Make sure you stretch those sore muscles and go for an hour-long Yoga session to revitalize your whole body, and finish the day by giving yourself an exfoliation from head-to-toe, a deep conditioning hair mask, and a nourishing face mask. You’ll feel as good as new, and ready to continue being the boss lady that you are!


Soft, clean, and mindful, you know exactly what to do to turn your self-care day into the perfect morning, and even more perfect afternoon! Virgo girls are obsessed with organization and cleanliness, and this is true for every single aspect for their lives.

Your self-care day will be all about decluttering…everything! E-mail inbox, old photo albums, closet, shoes…everything around you will be the target of deep cleaning and organizing, including yourself. Take a little chunk of the day to prepare your meal plans for the next few weeks, as well as your hair and skin routines. Finish it off by putting clean bedsheets and blankets over your bed. Sprinkle it with a little bit of lavender oil, so you can fall asleep basking in the glory of your blissful life!


Completely ignoring your routine sounds anything but appealing to a Libra. They tend to be creatures of habit, so the best thing you can do is make sure you take at least two self-care days a month and stick to the plan! First things first, go ahead and add them to your calendar.

A great thing for you will be to have a balanced day, so make sure you get a sweat going, but end the day on a very relaxing note. Try going for an intense workout in the morning – as long as it’s something you enjoy – and ending the day with homemade beauty treatments while you listen to some soft music in your living room. Don’t forget to repeat often enough!


Scorpio, if anyone needs to take a serious day to chill, that is definitely you. You’re deep, raw, curious, and spontaneous, but your self-care day should focus on connecting with yourself and your emotions, because they tend to just boil inside of you, and sometimes come out in less than desirable ways.

The best thing Scorpio girls can invest in when it comes to self-care is definitely some sort of therapy. Just having someone to talk to every once in a while can do absolute wonders for you, and you’ll start feeling the differences very early on. It will reflect on your relationships and on other important aspects of your life as well. Worth it!


You need new, you need creative, you need exciting. We know this, and you know this, so anything that breaks routine in the slightest and smells like an adventure is perfect for your Sagittarius heart. Your self-care days should consist of something new in at least one way!


Make it all about driving to somewhere you haven’t been before, meeting new people, trying out a new dish. If you’re not feeling up to something that demands so much energy, staying home and reading that book you’ve been thinking about for ages is more than enough to do you some good.


Of course, all the zodiac signs need some me-time every once in a while, but much like your Leo and Scorpio sisters, you also need some urgent breaks every now and then. It’s hard to accept the world won’t end if you stop working for a few hours, but it’s true! Capricorn, sit down and do something for yourself.

Go out into the world and remind yourself that not everything is terrible. Catch some sun, buy some fresh flowers, paint your nails a color that makes you happy. Eat ice-cream with fresh fruit on top while you get a facial. The world really can be beautiful – make sure you remind yourself of that!


You are not one for lonely activities. While you shouldn’t forget to take some sacred time for yourself every now and then, a true self-care day for an Aquarius needs to involve someone else – ideally, a crowd! Any group activity will do, so make sure to mix it up once in awhile – paintball today, volleyball at the beach the next.

Also, you’re a water sign after all! Make sure you reward yourself after an exhausting, but rewarding, day, with a long, warm bath. Surround yourself with scented candles and throw in some luscious bath salts. It’s the perfect balance for a true Aquarius self-care day!


You are such a calm, relaxed, and nurturing souls people sometimes tend to forget you also need your own time, your own days, your own space. This is what self-care days are for, and even though Pisces is far from being one of the most stressed out signs, it deserves one just as much as any other sign.

A perfect self-care day for a Pisces will definitely involve feet. This is the perfect time to get an exfoliation and a relaxing pedicure, leaving your two little friends feeling mermaid-fresh! Plus, don’t forget the foot massage, and popping by your favorite wellness store to stock up on your aromatherapy products – you know you need them.



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