Sometimes relationships fall apart because someone was being a jerk, but sometimes they’re destroyed when one person is fed up with the other’s lack of respect and boundaries. While the best way to discover a person’s biggest deal-breakers is to have an honest conversation, sometimes it’s not always factual. People change, and what they might not like at the beginning of a relationship may not be the same after a few years, or even a few months! How can someone know, without a shadow of a doubt, what their limits are if no one is willing to test them, anyway?

Whether she’s curious and wants to know what his limits truly are, or she’s in love and she doesn’t want to accidentally venture into dangerous territory, any girl would do well to know what a guy’s biggest deal-breakers are. To avoid any unwanted reactions, she should ask him straight up about them, but to be sure he doesn’t change his mind down the road, she should consult something a little less fickle. By looking to his star sign and element, she can determine exactly where his lines are drawn. Here’s a simple list to help her learn what he’s all about and how to avoid catastrophe.

28Air Signs Can Be Very Strict

Everyone has their breaking point, but none of the signs are as single-minded as the Air signs. They’re so wound up that it only takes once to make him drop his girl like a hot potato!

Air signs don’t like to play games and they definitely don’t believe in second chances. If an Air sign ever really gives a girl a second shot, it isn’t out of the kindness of his heart, it’s likely due to guilt related to him doing something as well, or he has other things on his mind and he’s feeling like cutting her some slack this time. Regardless, he’s pretty strict.

27Gemini Won’t Give Her A Second Chance To Stand Him Up

Gemini struggle with nervousness and are quick to jump from simple discomfort to full-blown anxiety. When a girl stands him up on a first date, he calls it right then and there. He doesn’t want to go through the hassle of wondering if she’s really going to show up for the second date and he’ll be questioning her excuse anyway.

In a Gemini’s mind, he doesn’t see the point of giving someone he views as unreliable a second chance, so he simply won’t.

26Gemini Draws The Line At A Rude Woman

Another line Gemini men won’t allow a potential girlfriend to cross is a bad attitude toward others. Nothing makes him more upset than a woman who is rude to the waitress or others she views as beneath her. Even worse is a woman who doesn’t respect those closest to her.

If she’s rude to her parents, siblings or friends, a Gemini guy is getting the heck outta there because if she can’t respect other people in her life, then she isn’t going to respect him either.

25Aquarius Don’t Deal With Drama

Aquarius guys love having fun with friends and are progressive, generally positive people. They don’t want to be involved with a woman who likes to create drama where it doesn’t exist.

This isn’t to say they can’t handle a woman who has a problem every now and then, but if she’s specifically talking behind people’s backs to create drama, an Aquarius man is going to leave her behind. He’s a grown man and he expects his girlfriend to be mature.

24Aquarius Won’t Accept Broken Promises

Part of being a mature adult is knowing what can, and what cannot, be accomplished within a certain amount of time. If she’s promising her Aquarius man all kinds of things and never seems to deliver, he’s going to (understandably) lose faith in her word.

If she doesn’t come through on a promise once, he’ll understand, but as soon as she makes it a habit he’s going to recognize that he can’t rely on her, and an unreliable woman is where he draws the line.

23Libra Can’t Stand A Gossip

Libra men prefer harmonious gatherings and positive interactions between friends. He enjoys the company of others and avoids confrontation, so when he’s involved with a woman who turns out to be a gossip, he knows he’s in for some unnecessary arguments among his friends in the future.

Rather than try to talk about her bad habit, he’ll just let her go. In his eyes, it isn’t his job to teach someone how not to “stir the pot,” so to speak. Instead, it’s his job to find someone who is already mature enough to understand that spreading gossip is not okay.

22Libra Will Dump A Mean-Spirited Girl

To be fair, most signs will drop a mean-spirited girl right away, although there are a few who are willing to work with her and find her personality entertaining more than abrasive. A Libra, however, doesn’t like to play these sorts of games.

If she’s being mean to him for no reason, he might ask what’s going on, but if he catches her treating her siblings badly or generally being mean to everyone around her, he isn’t going to stand for it.

21Water Signs Don’t Give Second Chances

While Water signs tend to be the more emotional of the elements, they’re also the most sensitive. They trust deeply and want a relationship with a woman who makes them feel secure in the relationship.

Obviously, this means any girl who proves again and again that she’s just not up to his standards will be left behind. He isn’t interested in giving her a second chance, no matter how great she is, and he isn’t going to let her play him with tons of excuses.

20Cancer Can’t Handle Secrets

When it comes to a Cancer man, a woman had better not try to surprise him with anything, ever! It doesn’t matter if she’s trying to plan a surprise party or if she’s hoping to spring a great date on him – Cancer guys do not like to be surprised!

They can’t handle not knowing what’s going on. They’ll even tell their woman that they dislike surprises in advance, but if she doesn’t listen and she starts keeping secrets, he’s going to jump to conclusions and dump her before she even has a chance to explain.

19Never Lie To Cancer

One of the reasons why Cancer men can’t handle secrets is because of their deep-seated insecurities. Their insecurity is also why they can’t give any woman a second chance after she’s lied to him, whether it be in a game or in their private lives.

He refuses to give her another opportunity to hurt him and isn’t interested in her side of the story – Cancer guys are usually straightforward with their expectations, so when she wounds him, he knows she did it with her eyes wide open.

18Scorpio Won’t Stay With Someone He Can’t Trust

It should come as no surprise for a Scorpio to dislike being lied to. Most signs despise liars, though some are willing to forgive and forget. No such luck for the woman who lies to a Scorpio man. She goes behind his back just once and he’ll never forget it.

Scorpios struggle with a jealous streak anyway, so if she ever gives him a reason to mistrust her, he’s going to latch on and let it consume him from the inside. There’s no coming back from that.

17Scorpio Won’t Forgive Conceited Partners

Scorpio dislikes women who are a little too conceited. It’s one thing for a girl to take a little time to get all dolled up before a date, but it’s another when she’s trying to get her makeup just right in time for a trip to the gym. If she’s stopping every few minutes to check her makeup, brush her hair and adjust her outfit, a Scorpio is going to lose his mind!

He liked her initially for who she was, but the minute she revealed how obsessed she was with her appearance, he lost interest in her.

16Pisces Won’t Stand For Ongoing Criticism

No one likes to be criticized, but some signs are more lenient with their partners than others. Pisces men tend to dislike traits related to overly-critical people. He’s already well aware of his faults, so he doesn’t need his partner pointing them out all the time.

He also questions at what point criticism stops being constructive and becomes malicious. Rather than deal with a woman who only has negative things to say about the way he lives his life, a Pisces will avoid her at all costs.

15Pisces Dumps Partners Who Aren’t Sensitive To His Needs

One of Pisces’ greatest weaknesses is his tendency to be overly trusting in friendships and romantic relationships. He keeps getting hurt but he wants to believe there’s good in everyone, so he’ll give them all his trust until they give him a reason not to trust them.

That being said, a partner who isn’t sensitive to his trusting nature won’t make for a very good partner. She needs to understand what kind of person he is and she needs to make sure never to hurt him in a way that would create doubt in his mind.

14Earth Signs Only Date Decent Human Beings

Earth signs have high expectations of their partners; they want to be involved with genuine people who have more good than bad in their personalities. When it comes to common courtesy and basic respect, an Earth sign will be more attracted to those who are well-behaved.

While Earth signs don’t necessarily mind people who are sarcastic or who like to tease others, there is a clear line drawn in the sand between people who are fundamentally good and those who are not.

13Virgo Draws The Line At Partners Who Don’t Like Animals

Who the heck doesn’t like animals? Sure, if they’ve got an allergy then it makes sense for a person to avoid certain animals, but to really dislike them? Such a strong emotion! Virgos don’t get how any decent human being could have any kind of aversion to animals, especially the soft and cuddly ones.

In a Virgo’s mind, when a girl can’t stand his pets, or animals in general, there’s something deeply wrong with her and he won’t bother giving her the time of day.

12Virgo Won’t Stand For Sloppy Partners

Everyone knows how notoriously clean Virgos are, so it should come as no surprise to learn the Virgo boyfriend doesn’t like women who throw their clothes all over the place and leave them there for weeks on end. He prefers a woman who finishes a meal and immediately cleans up the dishes, or who gets ready in the morning and puts all her products away where they belong afterward.

Sloppy partners will not get along with a Virgo man for very long, and the minute he finds himself having to clean up after her is the minute he realizes it’s over.

11Capricorn Refuses To Stand By Someone Who Dislikes His Family

For the most part, Capricorn men love their families. They have a deep appreciation for the traditions their elders pass down and for the fellowship and community that comes with staying in touch with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Of course, he’s also friendly with his parents, so when he meets the right girl he’s going to introduce her to his family.

If she can’t stand his family, he knows things won’t work out. He would rather spend years searching for the right woman than accept one who doesn’t like to be around the people he cares for the most.

10Capricorn Drops Irresponsible Partners

Capricorns often lean more toward the responsible side. They’re aware their actions affect others, and they’re conscious of how their decisions can come back to either help or hurt them. That being said, they’re not in the market for a girlfriend who can’t take responsibility for her actions.

She’s an adult, so why is she still making so many juvenile decisions? He can’t wrap his head around a woman who can’t fathom how her actions might hurt someone. When he does happen to come across this type of person, guaranteed he’ll keep his distance.

9Taurus Won’t Allow A Partner To Talk Down To Him

Taurus men are often known for being stubborn, but what only a few people know is they’re also sensitive. They don’t appreciate it when people talk down to them or make them feel bad. Honestly, none of the signs appreciate this behavior, but what sets a Taurus apart from the rest is his complete resistance to negative behavior like this.

He won’t allow anyone to talk down to him – anyone who tries is met with a glare and dismissal from his life.

8Taurus Will Not Respond To Ultimatums

Some women believe giving their partners ultimatums will force them to make a decision in their favor. While some signs are more willing than others to cave into this kind of pressure, a Taurus won’t stand for it. He’d rather say goodbye than let her corner him.

In a Taurus’ mind, there’s no reason either of them should ever have to stand their ground by giving each other an ultimatum. Either they can work through their problems and come up with a solution they’re both happy with or they can’t – ultimatums are not necessary.

7Fire Signs Cannot Be Contained

Fire signs are known for their temperamental natures. One minute they’re passionate about something and the next they’re ready to move on. It can be difficult to keep up with Fire signs but those who can will often discover a Fire sign’s greatest strengths.

When it comes to dating a Fire sign, a woman needs to be prepared for the ups and downs, and the overall roller coaster of a ride. A guy born under this sign isn’t easy to tame and he isn’t interested in any woman who tries to put him on a leash.

6Sagittarius Draw The Line At A Clingy Partner

Sagittarius men appreciate their freedom on every level. They want to feel free to pursue their dreams, hang out with the crowd of their choice and pack up and leave for a quick vacation whenever they please.

While this wild and free attitude can be appreciated by other signs, some women might try to follow the Sag around like a puppy. Sagittarius men don’t want to feel tied down to a woman who doesn’t have any passions of her own – he wants to be involved with someone who can bring as much to the table as he does.

5Sagittarius Won’t Date A Woman Who Tries To Hold Him Back

There’s nothing a Sagittarius dislikes more than a woman who tries to keep him from his goals. He’s got a lot of plans for his life and he’s going to pursue them to the bitter end. Any woman who tries to step between him and his goals is in for a surprise – because he’s gonna dump her fast.

A Sagittarius will prioritize his own desires for his life, reasoning he can’t set aside who he is and what he wants for anyone – so he won’t.

4Don’t Even Try To Ghost A Leo

Leos have several positive personality traits, but the one thing a Leo can’t stand is a woman who thinks she can string him along only to ghost him in the end. He can be just as stubborn as his Taurus brothers and will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of things.

Any girl who thinks she can swoop in, play with his emotions, then fly off free as a bird is bound to be felled by a Leo’s tenacity and need to understand what happened.

3Leo Demands A Certain Level Of Respect

While a woman doesn’t need to elevate her Leo lover on the highest of pedestals, he’d appreciate receiving a little respect. He understands his responsibility to show his partner the same level of respect he expects her to show him, but deep down he’s got a bit of a king complex.

He wants to feel like he’s the best thing since sliced bread, even if she’s just stroking his ego every now and then. Any woman who makes him feel less-than won’t last long with him.

2Aries Doesn’t Want A High-Maintenance Partner

Aries men appreciate women who can keep up with their active lifestyles, which means she can’t be too high maintenance. He wants to be able to do things on the fly. If she can’t just throw on some clothes and rush out the door with him, he’s going to start questioning her ability to keep up.

If she can’t leave the house without a full face of makeup and the perfect hairstyle, an Aries will likely appreciate her appearance from afar but will ultimately be more interested in a woman who isn’t as high maintenance.

1Aries Refuses To Deal With Lazy Partners

For an Aries man, there’s just no excuse for laziness. While it’s fine to take breaks here and there, a woman who refuses to do something basic, like take a daily shower for example, is too lazy to be taken seriously.

Aries men have too much going on in their lives to wait around for a lazy partner to keep up. If she can’t handle her own life, how is she going to handle their life as a couple? It just can’t be done, so laziness is definitely an Aries man’s deal-breaker.



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