Every girl has that one guy who they look back on as “the one that got away.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to be with him anymore—she might know that he wasn’t quite right for her, but she just misses the time they spent together and regrets the fact that things ended poorly. When someone looks back at their youth, they can usually think of at least one person who makes them sigh wistfully and wonder “What if?” Even if they have moved on, even if they are dating someone new, even if their life has actually changed for the better after the breakup, there is always that question of how things could have been if circumstances had been just a little bit different.

What makes a guy “the one that got away?” Well, it all depends on what he represented in a woman’s past. Every person is unique, and every guy in a woman’s life represents a different phase in her growth. Sometimes, the stars actually have a little something to do with it—astrological signs all have unique traits in relationships. Here’s what makes him the one that got away, based on his astro sign.

20Fire Signs: Being The Life Of The Party

After a girl ends a relationship with a Fire sign, she misses his ability to walk into a room and suddenly become best friends with everyone there. It is no secret that guys born under Fire signs tend to be the life of the party in a way that other signs just can’t match.

After dating one, it seems like a woman’s social life will never be quite the same—her expectations for her next guy will be pretty high. She’ll always be a little more attracted to extroverts, and she’ll miss her ex-boyfriend’s outgoing and friendly nature.

19Aries: His Spontaneous Date Ideas

An Aries guy will never suggest to a girl, “Hey, we should just stay in and watch a TV show tonight” as a date idea. The typical “dinner out and a movie” isn’t exactly his jam, either. He’s also not big on spending afternoons in a coffee shop. He is the kind of guy who will come up with a super-fun date idea on the spot, and he will snap his fingers and make it happen.

He is always spontaneous, and being with him is never boring. After the breakup, his ex-girlfriend will definitely miss their adventures together.

18Leo: His Strong Charisma

Leo men just have charisma like no other. There is something about them that turns heads when they walk into a room, even if they are trying to fly under the radar (but let’s be honest, that rarely happens—they like to be the center of attention).

When a girl realizes that it is time to call it quits with her Leo man, she knows that she will miss the sheer, undeniable attraction that she felt towards him at the beginning of their relationship—there is nothing quite like the head-over-heels honeymoon phase with a Leo guy. It is simply unmatchable.

17Sagittarius: His Adventurous Attitude

A Sagittarius guy is the one who will make his girl’s dreams of traveling the world come true. He is the guy who will buy plane tickets at a moment’s notice. He will drop everything to go on a weekend getaway to somewhere they have never been before. Over the course of the relationship, both of them will have passports full of stamps and memories and adorable photos of countless trips together.

When it’s all over, she will truly miss exploring with him. No one makes a better travel companion than an open-minded, carefree Sagittarius guy.

16Fire Signs: She Will Miss Their Passionate Relationship

After a relationship with a Fire sign guy, his ex-girlfriend will mainly miss the passion that grew between them. Men born under Fire signs tend to go for what they want with everything they have, and they do not hold back on their feelings. Yes, they have fiery personalities—that’s why they’re called Fire signs!

And, after being with a guy like that, it can be hard to move on to someone new. She will never forget what they shared together, and she won’t be able to let go of those feelings and move on for quite some time.

15Earth Signs: His Emotional Stability

Emotional stability is one of the most important qualities that a person can cultivate before getting into a relationship. Let’s face it, being with someone who always seems to create drama can feel fun and exciting when you’re young, but as you grow up, it gets exhausting and frustrating, and no one wants to put up with that for long. But guys born under Earth signs are always stable and rational.

Being down-to-earth is just kind of in their nature. They really don’t like getting worked up and flustered, and the women they date will always appreciate that.

14Taurus: His Honest Communication Skills

Communication is key for any happy and healthy relationship. There is no way to have a good, long-term relationship if you are unable to communicate honestly with the person you’re dating. Luckily for the women who date Taurus guys, they don’t know any other way to be. They will always do their best to be honest and clear about what they are feeling without hesitation.

And when it’s over? Well, the ex-girlfriend of a Taurus guy will miss how authentic and real he always was. It can be hard to find guys who are so good at communicating.

13Virgo: He Rarely Argues With Her

Some relationships are just full of fighting. It’s such a shame that this is so normalized, but many people seem to think that constant fighting is just how relationships are, and that this pattern does not signify a problem. Well, the truth is that frequent fighting will just wear you down and make you resent each other.

The best part about dating a Virgo guy? These guys just don’t like to argue. They will always do their best to work through a disagreement without arguing. When the relationship ends, the ex-girlfriend of a Virgo guy will miss his calm demeanor.

12Capricorn: He Has His Life Together

There is just something about dating a Capricorn guy who really has his life together that makes it hard to move on to someone else. Capricorn men are always organized and professional. A Capricorn guy would never describe himself as a “total mess” or laugh about how out of control his life is. He just doesn’t let those kinds of things happen to him.

When a woman realizes that she has to say goodbye to her Capricorn man, she has to recognize that the next guy she dates probably won’t be as successful and accomplished as he is—she was lucky!

11Earth Signs: She Will Miss His Calming Presence

All in all, men born under Earth signs just seem to have a calming presence. They don’t bring drama to every situation they are involved in. They don’t pick fights when they are upset, they don’t keep secrets from their girlfriends, and they don’t try to be someone they aren’t.

These guys are so laid-back and chill, and in the modern dating scene, dating an Earth sign guy is like finally catching a breath of fresh air and feeling like you can relax a bit. It’s such a relief. When the relationship ends, anyone would miss that comfortable feeling.

10Air Signs: His Unique Qualities

Guys born under Air signs are special. Of course, every sign has something special about them—every single person is unique—but there is just something about men born under Air signs that really makes them stand out to women. They are totally unafraid to be themselves.

A guy born under an Air sign will just walk to the beat of his own drum and do his own thing without worrying about what other people might think of him. It doesn’t even occur to him that he should dwell on negative judgment from others. This quality is super-attractive to many women.

9Gemini: His Easygoing Personality

You can take a Gemini guy pretty much anywhere, and he will manage to make a few friends without any issue. When a girl is dating a Gemini guy, she will probably find herself with a whole new social circle because he is just so easygoing and charming when talking to new people.

When the breakup happens, she will find herself missing all the fun parties they went to, all the people that she met through him, and how her social calendar was always packed when they were together. She will miss going out on his arm.

8Libra: His Attention To Detail

Libra men just don’t miss a beat. A Libra guy would never dream of forgetting an anniversary. He always picks out the perfect present for every occasion. His girlfriend never has to remind him to dress up a little extra when they go to visit her parents. He is just always on top of things, and she doesn’t ever feel like she has to nag him.

If the relationship ends, his ex will definitely miss that. Most men don’t keep track of little details the way that Libra men tend to do, and it makes a difference in their relationships.

7Aquarius: His Willingness To Stand Out

The personality of an Aquarius man can pretty much be summed up in one word: independent. These guys just do what they want in life, and if anyone else is along for the ride, that’s great, but if not, they’re going to go ahead and do it anyway. Something about this outlook on life is so attractive to the women they date.

A girl who is dating an Aquarius guy knows he isn’t clingy or needy—he has built a life that he loves, and he genuinely wants her to be a part of it. When it’s over, she knows he’s done.

6Air Signs: There’s No One Quite Like Him

At the end of the day, women who have dated guys born under Air signs know that there is just no one out there like them. That’s not to say that these women will never move on or be happy with another guy—they totally will. But it won’t be easy to get over that kind of breakup.

The ex-girlfriend of an Air sign guy will miss having those long conversations with him that she couldn’t have with anyone else. She will miss his carefree attitude and his no-fear mindset. It’s not easy to get past, that’s for sure.

5Water Signs: She Will Miss Their Deep Connection

The connection that a woman can experience with a man born under a Water sign is truly like no other. These guys are not afraid to open up emotionally. Even though most men are encouraged to hide their true emotions and try not to seem too sensitive, Water sign men ignore this misguided advice and let it all out.

For women, this is a relief—many women do want to be with a guy who is more in touch with his emotions than most. But when it’s over, she worries that she won’t experience that same kind of connection again.

4Cancer: His Sensitive Side

Cancer men are so sweet and sensitive. In fact, they might just be the nicest sign out there. They are kind and loving towards anyone, so imagine how special they make their girlfriends feel! The girlfriend of any Cancer guy feels like a princess all the time.

So when it’s over, she will definitely miss that extra-special treatment. And she will miss his sensitive side, too. So many men feel uncomfortable about expressing that side of themselves, but not Cancer guys. They can be vulnerable and show emotion, and the women they date love that about them.

3Scorpio: His Belief In Lifelong Romance

There are so many people out there who have basically given up on true love. It’s so sad. After someone has had their heart broken for the first time, they might just feel like giving up on relationships altogether. But when a girl meets a Scorpio guy, she knows that he will never give up on romance.

These guys are so in love with love itself. They will fight to make any relationship work. But when the relationship ends, she will miss his faith in long-lasting romance—so many men out there are jaded about love.


2Pisces: His Creative Talents

No guy is more artistic than a Pisces man. These guys always have some new project up their sleeve, or they’re working on something that will make everyone say “Wow!” when it’s finally done. They are truly talented, and the ex-girlfriend of a Pisces guy will always miss being with a creative guy like him. There is something so exciting about dating an artist—somehow, it just feels extra romantic.

They will miss the future they dreamed about: being the girlfriend of an introspective, creative man who saw the world differently from everyone else. It is an intriguing fantasy.

1Water Signs: She Will Be Sad To Say Goodbye

A breakup with a Water sign guy is hard enough—after all, these guys are very emotional, and it will be tough for both parties to sort out all of their feelings about the situation. But the woman will also be deeply hurt by the breakup because she knows that the next guy who comes along just will not be the same.

She will wish that there was some way they just could have worked it out, but the truth is that once it’s over with a Water sign guy, there is no going back to the way it was.



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