We’ve all heard that breaking up is hard to do. When it comes to astrology, some signs take it harder than others. How we deal with heartbreak might just be predestined in the stars. Each of us handles a breakup in our way but there are some common reactions that we all have based on our sign. Some of us are known to initiate the breakup while others have a hard time letting go.

Each sign has its own insecurities that might influence how they handle being dumped. Some signs are known for holding a grudge while others are quick to forgive. Everyone has their ways of coping when things come to an end. Although, sometimes it depends on who called things off.

There are dramatic ex-boyfriends and vindictive ex-girlfriends. There are people who throw themselves into rebound relationships while others go into hiding to nurse their wounds. Some signs are willing to give second chances and others don’t ever look back. There are those who want to be friends after the dust settles and some who will pretend like the relationship never even happened.

24Aries Woman: She’s The Rebound Queen

The Aries woman is so independent that she has no problem giving her ex the cold shoulder. She will be the first to move on after a breakup and it won’t take long for her to find a rebound relationship once she’s done with the last.

If she feels like an injured ram then she’ll have no problem cutting someone out of her life. There is nothing that she dislikes more than losing so she will go out of her way to prove that she was the one that got over the relationship first. Be prepared for her to flaunt her new boyfriend.

23Aries Man: He’s Moving On

The Aries man is so straightforward that you will know exactly where you stand once things are over. He’s not one to hang around where he’s not wanted and he certainly won’t waste any time if he’s the one that ended things. He’ll tell you what’s up and then move on.

If he’s the one being dumped then he can be an intense ex. Be prepared for a smear campaign because he’s been known to badmouth people who hurt him. He’s not above playing games so steady yourself for a barrage of insults. Once he accepts that it’s really over, he’ll move on to his next conquest.

22Taurus Woman: No Looking Back For Her

If a Taurus woman is the one who initiated the breakup then she will never look back once things end. Her stubborn nature motivates her to keep moving forward and not maintain contact with her ex. Once she’s decided that it’s time to move on, she will act like she doesn’t care about the breakup, even if she is actually hurting.

If she’s the one being dumped then she has been known to hold on. It can take a bit for her to finally accept that it’s over. She certainly isn’t above checking her ex’s profiles on social media.

21Taurus Man: He’s Mr. Nice Guy

The Taurus man is an easy ex to have, once he lets go. He may struggle with feelings of rejection if he was broken up with but he’s not one to give anyone a guilt trip. Revenge isn’t on the top of his list of things to do after a breakup.

He will more than likely try to remain friends. Yet, don’t count on ever getting back together if you’ve broken his heart. We all know how stubborn he can be once he’s made up his mind. He’s loyal to a fault and is rarely the one to call things off.

20Gemini Woman: She’ll Go Into Hiding

The Gemini woman is very practical so she’ll handle the breakup by going into hiding for a bit to mend her broken heart. Yet, after spending some time licking her wounds she’s quick to bounce back to public life. If she was the one who broke things off then she’ll turn into a social butterfly in search of her next conquest.

She doesn’t believe in second chances so don’t count on her reaching out to an ex. Chances are that she’d rather start a new relationship than rekindle an old flame. There’s nothing that she avoids more than conflict so she won’t instigate a fight once things are over.

19Gemini Man: He’ll Give Her The Cold Shoulder

It can be confusing to break up with a Gemini man. He seems to care deeply but will totally give you the cold shoulder if he’s decided that he’s done with the relationship. He dislikes confrontation so he’d rather walk away than stick around and hash things out.

If he’s ready to move on then he’ll just avoid the situation altogether. This may leave his ex feeling a bit perplexed and the entire breakup will feel like a whirlwind. Once things shake out, he might reach out to check on you just so he doesn’t look like the bad guy.

18Cancer Woman: She’ll Hit The Delete Button

The Cancer woman is so self-protective that she will count her losses and make a clean break. She’ll quit following an ex on social media the minute things are over. By the end of the day, she will have thrown away every keepsake and blocked their phone number. When she’s done, she’s SO done.

Communication isn’t her strong suit so she might give an ex the silent treatment. She’s not doing it to hurt anybody, she just doesn’t really know what to say. Cancer women have good memories and won’t forget when they’ve been done wrong so don’t expect reconciliation with this girl.

17Cancer Man: He Has Cruel Intentions

A Cancer man might be able to forgive but he’ll never forget if he’s been hurt. If he was dumped then he will make it his personal mission to prove that he was wronged. He’s highly intuitive which means that he will be analyzing every aspect of the failed relationship.

If he’s the one who decided to break things off then he might try to remain friends but will sniff out any intentions of an ex trying to get back together. Since he’s not the best at expressing his emotions, he might choose to disappear one day with no explanation.

16Leo Woman: She’s Such A Drama Queen

The Leo Lady can be such a drama queen after a breakup. If she’s been wounded in any way then she is not above pouting and sulking. She won’t give up easily once she’s been dumped and will go to great lengths to win her partner back. So, be prepared for some serious shenanigans.

If she was the person who called off the relationship, she’ll still manage to make a dramatic exit. Once it’s over, she might try to make herself look better and could totally make up lies about her ex. She is all about protecting her inflated ego.

15Leo Man: He’s So Competitive

The Leo man has to be on top so he becomes very competitive after a breakup. He will be the first to move on and will flaunt his new relationship. If he was dumped then he’ll jump right back into the dating pool and make sure that everybody knows it.

When he’s been broken up with, be prepared for him to attempt to get back together. His fragile ego can’t handle being dumped and he’ll try to reconcile at all costs. Be prepared to tell him over and over again that there isn’t a chance of getting back together.

14Virgo Woman: She Plays The ‘Damsel In Distress’ Card

When a Virgo lady has been dumped, she will totally act like a damsel in distress. No one can take on the role of a martyr better than her. She’ll complain to anyone with ears about how she was done wrong and what a toxic person her ex his. Nothing will be her fault.

If she’s the one that broke things off then she’ll still find a way to make herself look like it wasn’t her fault that things went wrong. Be prepared for her to go on a smear campaign and twist the truth to make herself look like she’s totally innocent.

13Virgo Man: He’s Driven By A Fear Of Conflict

The Virgo man doesn’t want to hash things out after a breakup. He dislikes confrontation and this motivates everything he does. His goal is to keep things from getting crazy once the relationship is over. He might even disappear altogether just to avoid conflict.

If he’s the one who did the dumping then he will be totally resolved that he made the right decision. No one will be able to convince him otherwise. He typically won’t want to be friends and will move on pretty quickly once the dust settles. Don’t expect any comfort from him!

12Libra Woman: She’ll Fake It Until She Makes It

The Libra woman doesn’t want to fight or hang on to an ex after a breakup. She’ll act like she’s doing great in public and won’t spend much time feeling broken-hearted in private. Her goal is to keep the peace and work on her self-love.

If she was the person who called things off then she will be over the whole breakup pretty quickly. She likes to keep things friendly and calm so she’ll probably be willing to have a heart-to-heart conversation. Eventually, she’ll grow tired and cut contact with her ex.

11Libra Man: He Has A Big Reputation To Defend

The Libra man doesn’t do well after a breakup and it could be difficult to cut ties with him. He cares what people think about him and if he’s been dumped then he’ll defend his reputation. Be prepared to hash things out as he will demand clarification on what exactly went wrong.

If he initiated the breakup then he’ll still work hard to come out looking good in the aftermath. He can be wishy-washy so he might be willing to give the relationship another chance. His easy-going nature means that he will more than likely want to at least be friends.

10Scorpio Woman: She’s A Scorned Lover

The Scorpio woman dislikes change and will fight every step of the breakup if she’s not the one calling the shots. She’s highly intuitive and can pick up on the slightest disinterest from her partner. Once she suspects things are over, she’s not above using manipulation to lure an ex back into her arms.

If she’s the one that did the dumping then she won’t look back. This lady knows how to hold a grudge and will cut someone off completely if they hurt her. She likes to be in total control and will go to great lengths to regain her power.

9Scorpio Man: He Holds A Grudge

Breaking up with a Scorpio man is not for the faint of heart. He loves deeply and won’t go down without a fight. He is ruled by his emotions and will probably require a few sessions of intense conversation until he’s willing to accept that it’s really over. Once he does, be prepared for him to hold a grudge.

However, if he was the one who pulled the plug, he probably thought it through and will move on quickly. He might even pretend that the whole relationship never happened. It’s rare for a guy like him to want to be friends with an ex.

8Sagittarius Woman: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

The Sagittarius woman is fiercely independent and has no problem recovering after a breakup. Her ex probably won’t hear from her one way or another. It doesn’t matter if she was dumped or did the dumping, this girl is moving on.

She wants to cut ties and get on with living her life. Don’t expect her to act sad or reach out for comfort. She didn’t sweat the small stuff while she was in the relationship and she certainly won’t when things are over, either. It’s not that she dislikes her ex, but she doesn’t like to waste time dwelling on the past.

7Sagittarius Man: He Uses Manipulative Tactics

The Sagittarius man will fight for a relationship if he’s not ready to move on. He will do just about anything to keep the possibility open for a reconciliation. He’s been known to manipulate his ex to try to work things out. However, he’s extremely prideful and won’t let his true feelings show if he’s hurting once he accepts it’s over.

If he called things off, then he will be over his ex swiftly. He may seem like he doesn’t care but he really just doesn’t want to drag things out. He prefers a clean break and will more than likely jump into another relationship soon after the breakup.

6Capricorn Woman: She Puts Up Emotional Boundaries

The Capricorn woman has some serious self-preservation skills when it comes to dealing with a breakup. She’s already very careful about showing her emotions and will work hard to construct an emotional wall. She will never admit that she’s heartbroken. Her closest friends won’t even hear about it.

If she called off the relationship then she’ll isolate herself until things blow over. She’ll take a social media break and spend some time at home. Yet, she’ll move on quickly and won’t spend much time thinking about her ex. She probably won’t want to make an effort to be friends.

5Capricorn Man: He Will Cut Ties

Anyone who has broken up with a Capricorn man knows that he’s not afraid to cut ties. It really doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup; he will drop out and do his own thing. This guy is already super-productive but becomes even more so after a breakup.

He’s so goal-oriented that he’ll shake the dust from his shoes and throw himself into his career. It may be hard for him to let someone in but he has no problem shutting them out. Don’t expect to remain friends or keep in touch with him. Once it’s over, he’s done.

4Aquarius Woman: She Can Be A Bit Aloof

The Aquarius woman will pretend that the relationship didn’t mean that much to her in the first place. She’s not one to admit her feelings easily and if she’s dumped then she’ll be very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. She comes across as very aloof.

If she broke things off then she’ll be totally social and make a big production about it. She’ll post tons of happy pics on social media and look like she’s having the time of her life without her ex around. It really is “out of sight, out of mind” for her. Don’t be surprised if she never talks to you again.

3Aquarius Man: The Phantom Ex-Boyfriend

The Aquarius man will disappear completely from a partner’s life once they break up. Anyone who has parted ways with this guy will admit that they were left with their head spinning. One moment he’s there and the next he’s out of there. This guy does not look back.

He doesn’t want to think about what might have gone wrong in the relationship. He’d much rather put it on a shelf and never look at it again. As a matter of fact, he avoids thinking about his feelings altogether so don’t expect to maintain contact with him once he decides he’s done.

2Pisces Woman: She Gives Way Too Many Chances

The Pisces woman has a very sensitive soul that wants to see the best in everyone. She’s prone to self-sacrifice which means that she’s quick to give second chances. A girl like her would much rather forgive someone than let them go. She gets taken advantage of often.

Even if she’s the one who walked away from the relationship, she can be convinced to give things another shot. Yet, once she gets it out of her system and realizes that it’s still not right, she will call things off and move on. If she feels like she’s been betrayed then she takes it badly.

1Pisces Man: He Might Try Emotional Blackmail

No one is more OTT during a breakup than the Pisces man. He feels deeply and will have a temper tantrum if he’s been dumped. His passive-aggressive nature kicks in and he’s not above using emotional blackmail to get you back. Revenge is often on the top of his list.

If he was the one who decided to end the relationship then he might vanish. At that point, he’s just trying to avoid confrontation and thinks that it’s best for everybody not to remain friends. The Pisces guy craves a real connection and if he can’t have that, he would rather have nothing.



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