In most relationships, we can say that it is the girl who leads the way. She may be the more emotional half, but she is also the one who manages the relationship’s day-to-day activities. She is regarded to be the sweet and caring one, and these are the main reasons why her boyfriend is head over heels for her.

What does it mean when a girl starts ignoring her boyfriend? Not attending to him or their relationship as a whole raises a big flag, and her partner should look into it right away. This is a cause of immediate concern, but at the same time, it can be remedied quickly.

If you happen to have a girlfriend and you’re feeling like she is starting to ignore you, then here are seven solid reasons behind her attitude, and what you can do next:

1. She wants you to know that she feels ignored.
When women want to get back with their men, they usually do it by fighting fire with fire. The same applies when your girlfriend feels like you are starting to ignore her; rather than bicker at you or wage a series of word wars, she’d deliberately block you from her system for several days, in the hopes that you would notice and take the initiative to look for her.

If you are starting to feel like she’s not around like she used to, then it’s time to find her. Visit her, bring her flowers and say sorry, especially when you still want to keep the relationship intact. All she needs is attention from nobody else but you.


2. She thinks you have become complacent in your relationship.
Another reason your girlfriend begins to ignore you is when she thinks you are taking her for granted. She sees that you have become complacent in your relationship, and more importantly, in her presence in your life. She wants to feel missed and looked for, and she wants you to give her the love like the way you used to.

When she says you are taking her for granted, it’s best that you two sit down and talk about your relationship. Air your side, and tell her that you are not being complacent. Of course, you should also do your best to win her affection back.

3. She is growing up, and you are not.
This happens especially to young couples who are starting to explore life in the outside world. Women tend to be more driven when it comes to chasing their dreams, and they also become mature in facing their life’s responsibilities. Your girlfriend may be going through this phase, and she might be ignoring you because you cannot keep up with her idealistic side.

In this situation, you may want to weigh your personal stand. Look at where you are as a person.  Ask yourself, what is your current disposition? What are your plans for the next five years?  Once you have determined these aspects, it’s best that you two have a serious discussion. These things matter in your relationship because when your aspirations are no longer in sync, it may be a sign that what you have is already over.

So yes, talk to her. Tell her your plans, as an individual and as her boyfriend. When she sees through this, you two can come up with a solution on how to keep the relationship afloat amidst the challenges of growing up.

4. She is starting to feel a sense of belongingness with a different crowd.
When you do not prioritize your girlfriend, or if you spend more time with your friends and other activities, then she will definitely look for a way out as well. She won’t always wait for you to come home or sit by the phone until you text or call. She’ll go out with her friends and find comfort and belongingness from her own crowd.

You may want to dig deeper into the reasons behind you choosing to spend time with other people or doing other activities on your own over sharing sweet moments with your girlfriend. Once you have your answers, tell her the truth.

5. She has become overly frustrated at you.
It’s natural for women to shout and nag and go paranoid over their boyfriends, especially when they catch them in ridiculous situations. But after all the drama, they still stick to their man.

However, if you find your girlfriend deliberately avoiding you or evading any opportunity to see and talk to you, especially after you’ve gone through a series of arguments, it only means she’s frustrated. From her point of view, she no longer finds hope in you becoming a better boyfriend, and maybe going MIA would help you realize that.

Perhaps it’s best that you reflect on things and see where you can meet her halfway, especially when you think your relationship is worth continuing.

6. She has become preoccupied with other activities that are more important than you.
Aside from hanging out with friends or attending to other activities, your girlfriend may have found commitments she sees to be worth her time and attention. These activities may be a new job, a new passion, or a new ambition that she can only achieve when she puts her whole heart into it.

Yes, it is vital that you realize that other things can be more important than you and your relationship, so it’s best to discuss the situation with her. Perhaps it’s also time to cool things off, as you too have commitments to stand up. You don’t have to be scared when faced with this, as this is just part of your “adulting” process.

7. She knows you did something terrible.
Lastly, maybe she’s ignoring you because she knows you did something horrible, and she wants you to realize it for yourself. If you are clueless to her reasons behind going MIA, then it’s best to find her ASAP. Talk to her. Ask her what’s wrong. Let her get angry and cry because afterward, she’ll tell you what’s on her mind. Once you’ve figured that out, it would be easier to appease her and get your relationship back on track.


Being ignored by your girlfriend is something you should never brush off. It’s a sign of your relationship falling apart, and it’s happening right before your very eyes. And yes, communication is key, so you better start reaching out before things get too late.



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