Your love language tells you a story about how you will find happiness and success in a relationship. Once you know which of the five love languages you are, then you can communicate with your partner about what makes you happy (and what you absolutely can’t stand). They’re totally going to say, “Oh, everything makes so much sense now.”

Since your astrological sign can also be a helping hand when you’re figuring out some self-development, it makes sense to combine the love languages and zodiac signs. Read on to find out your love language, based on your sign.

12Leo: Receiving Gifts

One of the five love languages is receiving gifts, and if you’re a Leo, then this is what you love the most. Leo signs are confident and they would prefer for their partner, coworkers, relatives, and friends to pay a ton of attention to them basically all the time.

Since Leos like when other people talk about them and make a big fuss of them, it makes sense that their love language would be gifts. They want their partner to give them amazing presents for birthdays and other occasions, and they’re the type to get upset if they feel their partner put zero time into it.

11Aquarius: Quality Time

Aquarius signs are sensitive and while some people are either super loud all the time or they prefer to stay home alone, these signs are both outgoing and chill.


Because you’re a thoughtful person, your love language is quality time. You would hate to think that your partner isn’t carving out enough date nights for you and your worst nightmare would be dating someone who doesn’t want to see you fairly often. Because you don’t like being on your own, not having fun, or sharing your feelings, you need to be reassured that your partner is creating time for you.

10Virgo: Words Of Affirmation

For a bookish sign like Virgo, your love language could only be words of affirmation. You’re a fan of words, after all, whether they’re written in the pages of a book or you’re listening to someone talk.

Virgos are great listeners, shy, and definitely not very loud. You get concerned about things very easy when you’re a Virgo. Maybe you’re not sure that you’re doing well at work or you’re worried that your partner isn’t really in love with you. That’s why hearing how they feel about you would really help.

9Cancer: Words Of Affirmation

Are you a Cancer sign? That makes you sensitive, someone who would rather stick close to home, and someone whose mood can change super quickly. That also means that when it comes to your love language, you’re all about words of affirmation.

It seems like sensitive people like words of affirmation because then they really know how their partner sees them. You want to be told how awesome they think you are, and if they say “I love you” a lot then that’s cool with you. You don’t want to be concerned that they haven’t said anything sweet to you for a while. You want this to be a regular thing.

8Scorpio: Physical Touch

Scorpio signs have passion, courage, and take-charge personality. Your love language is physical touch if this is your zodiac sign.

Before you learn your love language (and then tell your partner about it), you might encounter some people who aren’t quite so touchy-feely or warm and mushy. You might have heard from former partners that you wanted to hug them or cuddle way too much and that wasn’t their thing. But now that you know your love language, you totally get why you’re like this in relationships.

7Libra: Acts Of Service

Are you a Libra sign? That means that you don’t want to get involved in any arguments, you want things to be fair, and you just really love getting along with other people. A Libra’s love language is acts of service. Since you love when things are fair, you want an equal relationship where you do nice things for one another.

You really love when your partner does stuff for you, from cooking to errands to anything at all. When you thank your partner for what they’ve done for you, they might even be confused because all they did was wipe the kitchen counter down after making dinner… but to you, it’s the best thing ever, and you’re grateful to them.

6Taurus: Physical Touch

Cuddling on the couch is what a Taurus dreams of. If this is your zodiac sign, then your love language is definitely physical touch. Some people are totally against PDA but that’s not you. You’re cool with it (and, in fact, you think that it’s great).


Taurus signs are stubborn and also logical, and they are considered to be very touchy-feely when in a relationship. You’re going to want to spend a lot of time with your partner at home together.

5Gemini: Quality Time

Geminis are very interested in people and the world and seem like they would rather have a partner since they don’t like to be by themselves. They’re sensitive but like hanging out with people.

Your love language is quality time if you’re a Gemini because this would allow you to really talk to your partner and feel like you’re getting to know them better. You want to do this even if you’ve been dating for a long time. Since you like learning about people, things, and the outside world, you like being one-on-one with someone.

4Pisces: Acts Of Service

Your love language is acts of service if you’re a Pisces sign. This water sign is sensitive, emotional, creative, and can’t handle things that are really upsetting. That means that horror movies and depressing stories are probably out for this person.

Since you’re the kind of person who can tear up at the drop of a hat, you care a lot about the person that you’re in a relationship with. When they do nice things for you, you feel taken care of and it’s really sweet. Pisces signs are also described as people who go by their gut instincts, so you want to really “feel” the love from your partner.

3Capricorn: Receiving Gifts

Traditional and into spending tons of time with family, Capricorn signs are also calm (but can have negative thoughts about the future sometimes, which isn’t that great).

Since you’re a traditional kind of person, your love language is receiving gifts. You firmly believe that it’s only logical that partners give each other wonderful presents on the right occasion. (And, hey, if that gift could be an engagement ring on Christmas morning, that would warm your traditional heart.)

2Sagittarius: Receiving Gifts

Sagittarius signs travel a lot, are funny, aren’t ones to sweat or care about any details, and take control. If this is your sign, then your love language is definitely receiving gifts.

While some other signs, like Leos in particular, would love gifts like flowers, fancy jewelry, or being taken to an expensive and sophisticated restaurant, you would prefer a bigger gift… like an all-expenses-paid vacation, for example. Hey, you love to travel, so you can’t help but dream about this. It would be an ultimate gift, and if your partner could swing it for a big birthday or anniversary, you would love it.

1Aries: Physical Touch

A fire sign, Aries signs are self-assured, cool with being in charge, and also have a lot of passion. That means that their love language would be physical touch.

Someone who is passionate about their job and life, in general, would definitely apply that passion to a relationship, too. It’s so cool to learn about love languages because if your partner is always asking why you’re hugging them so much, you can say that this is why. (But who doesn’t want a nice hug every once in a while?!)



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