There is an old adage, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. And it’s an adage for a reason, if you want someone to love you or at least like you one of the easiest ways to get on their good side is feeding them, preferably with something that exceptionally delicious and memorable.

However, as we all know people’s tastes and preferences can vary wildly. If you don’t know someone well then you might not have any idea what kinds of foods they like or dislike, but obviously if you’re going through the trouble of cooking them a meal you don’t want to just take a shot in the dark and wind up missing the mark. But if you know their zodiac sign you can at least make a more educated guess on what kind of meal they’d appreciate and enjoy, and if you want to know the perfect meal to cook for your crush based on their zodiac sign, then look no further!

12Aries: Breakfast Burrito

Everyone loves to feel cared for, but every sign tends to focus on different aspects of caring and value those aspects the most. As the first sign in the zodiac, the Aries tends to be a very powerful and energetic sign that would probably appreciate you serving them up a meal that is a great way to start their day.

There are plenty of fun and easy breakfast options to cook for your crush, but the breakfast burrito is a particularly fun and tasty way to tap into your crush’s heart. Plus, you can tailor the burrito to your honey’s specific food tastes!

11Taurus: Beef Wellington

Tauruses tend to be the foodies of the zodiac, which can make them the most difficult sign to impress if you decide to cook for them. There are plenty of fancy meals that you can try to win over your Taurus crush with, but a high brow classic like the beef wellington is a pretty sure fire guarantee that your crush will at least be extremely impressed by your taste and cooking skills.

It can be a tough dish to nail though, so you might consider asking your crush to help you make the dish, Tauruses are also big fans of being at home and enjoying a night in too.

10Gemini: Pad Thai

Geminis are the sign of the zodiac that seem to crave near constant stimulation. They can actually intimidate others by how quick their minds move from thing to thing, and if you’re trying to impress a Gemini with your food then serving up a dish that they may not have had in a while, or may have never had period is a great way to catch their attention.


A meal like Pad Thai is a unique dish that isn’t too wildly out of the box, and although it’s light in flavor it’s also something unique and unusual that will easily pique a Gemini’s interest.

9Cancer: Lasagna

People born under the sign of Cancer tend to be very giving and generous people, so whipping up a meal for them is almost guaranteed to tug at their heartstrings no matter what it is. But if you really want to knock things out of the park, then serve them up a plate of something hearty and soulful like lasagna.

Lasagna is a surprisingly easy meal to make, but it’s one that requires some thought and effort, and it’s one that almost always leaves the eater feeling satiated and fulfilled. As a bonus, if you know of some Italian flavors your crush is already a fan of then just toss them into this layered pasta too.

8Leo: Lobster Mac & Cheese

Leos are definitely loves of a standby classic, but they are also proud lions who love to enjoy luxurious things, which makes something like a lobster mac and cheese meal a wonderful option to impress your Leo crush.

Personal tastes can obviously vary, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the world who isn’t a fan of mac and cheese, and adding the lobster gives the dish a more dynamic flavor and a more expensive taste without having to actually spend all the money on a lobster dinner, and is also considerably easier to cook than a traditional lobster meal.

7Virgo: Baked Ziti

When in doubt, go for something baked and something Italian. This is an idea you can apply to almost any meal you’d cook for anyone, but it works especially well for a home and comfort-oriented sign like the Virgo.


Virgos love to create their own safe spaces, but if you want them to feel at home with you then cooking them a meal like baked ziti is a quick and easy way to get them on their way to being comfortable with you. Also for your sake, who doesn’t love a tasty treat you can essentially whip up and throw into the oven.

6Libra: Fancy Avocado Toast

Everybody loves a great meal, but someone in the sign of Libra tends to like the look of their food as much as the taste. Although avocado toast is a very simple and easy to create meal, there are dozens of ways to dress it up, make it unique, and make it look like a gourmet meal.

Plus, Libras tend to be a pretty hip and trendy sign, so if they’re not already fans of avocado toast then you have the perfect opportunity to try it with them and hopefully get them on to their newest flavor of the week.

5Scorpio: Cajun Gumbo

The scorpions of the zodiac can definitely have a good bit of sting to them, but they’re good souls at heart who’s spicy attitude can just be the introduction to the goodness that lies beneath.

In that sense, a meal like cajun gumbo is kind of like a Scorpio in food form. This classic Louisiana dish has been a standby since it was invented for very good reason, the spicy seafood stew is something that nearly everyone can enjoy, even if it’s only for a special occasion. But if you rustle up a bowl of this for your Scorpio crush it’s bound to leave them, and you, satisfied.

4Sagittarius: Chile Relleno

Most Sagittarians are big fans of the spice of life, and their naturally fiery personalities are thus perfectly suited for a delicious meal that brings a bit more heat than your average dinner.


With something like a chile relleno, the combination of the slightly spicy pepper plus the ooey gooey cheese filling and the tasty and fulfilling crust on top is a pretty perfect match for the archers of the zodiac. For many people food is about the food, but for a Sag the food can be more about the experience, so giving them something they probably haven’t experienced anywhere else is ideal.

3Capricorn: Roast Chicken Dinner

Capricorns are creatures of habit and lovers of tradition, so cooking them a real classic meal like roasted chicken with a side of potatoes is surely to satisfy their hearts as well as their stomachs. Honestly it’s safe to assume that a Capricorn’s favorite meal are the yearly Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, so the closer you can get to that nostalgic feeling the more your Cap’s feelings might start to develop for you.

Plus it’s an incredibly safe bet for pretty much anyone, who doesn’t love a good hearty classic chicken dinner? And if you want to add some elements that might be traditional for your family’s holiday meals, all the better.

2Aquarius: Mattar Paneer

Aquarians love all things unique and outside of the box, so if you want to impress your Aquarius crush then going for a more unusual home cooked meal such as mattar paneer is sure to do the trick.

This Indian dish made out of peas and fresh cheese in a spicy tomato sauce is a delicious and fulfilling meal that you crush may have never had and almost certainly hasn’t had anyone make for them, and although it may be a dish you’ve never tried to cook yourself it will also show your Aquarian your willingness to try something new and out of your comfort zone.

1Pisces: Baked Salmon

Pisces may be the sign of the fish, but it’s safe to assume that your Pisces crush won’t take offense to you serving them up a plate of lovely baked salmon. This robust and flavorful dish isn’t a particularly difficult one to whip up, and salmon is a nice marriage of light and fulfilling.

It also has a complex and nuanced flavor profile without being too overwhelming, which is a pretty ideal meal for someone with the tastes and personality of a Pisces. Baked salmon is a healthy gourmet meal with just enough pizzazz to excite your Pisces crush.



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