Indoor plants are not only an enrichment for the room air, but also for the facial care. Here you can find out what benefits they offer according to a study for the skin and on which plant species you are the best!

Those who suffer from dry skin usually invest a lot of money in creams, facial oils, masks and co . There is apparently a cheap way to do something good for dry skin : indoor plants. This is the conclusion of a study by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), as reported by “The Telegraph”. But how exactly should green plants be used as facial care winker?

Study: Houseplants make our skin more beautiful

According to the study, houseplants usually cause the room to be humid by evaporating water through the leaves. And that works against dry skin: “Houseplants can be a simple and affordable way to reduce dryness in the rooms and to relieve symptoms of dry skin.

Facial care: These plants are good for dry skin

According to “The Telegraph”, researchers recommend plants with a high transpiration rate to find the best plant for the skin. This means   “thirsty” plants that need a lot of water to grow. In addition, the plants should have large leaves . So they have a larger area over which they can release the moisture.  


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