Zodiac signs can reveal a lot. It seems like every time someone looks up their sign they find themselves saying, “That is so true!” Personality and relationship compatibility are often spot on but your sign can reveal things about your sex life too.

Want to know what your zodiac sign says about yours? Well, continue reading.



Your passion is driven by intellect.

An exchange of intellect with someone that can actually keep up with you is like foreplay. Your sexual style is quite risqué and does not stray away from the unconventional therefore a partner with an equally open mind is ideal.This sign is certainly not afraid of kink. In fact, it is welcomed with open arms.



You drive your intimate life with emotions.

A fulfilling sex life for this sign is one in which romance tightly intertwines with the physicality of sex. Closeness and tender touches are irresistible and you always keep your partner’s needs in mind. At times, Pisces may even put those needs before their own.



You love to take charge and are naturally adventurous

As long as your partner plans the adventure, you love it. You bring an undeniable energy into the bedroom that is best described as fiery. Aries’ fire and enthusiasm is hard to resist, especially for those drawn to confidence and dominance. For this reason, a partner that doesn’t mind you taking the lead is perfect. Just be sure to keep your naturally aggressive nature under control.



You love to indulge in sensuality.

Sex is not just sex. It is an experience that involves all the senses. Correct use of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound will greatly enhance that experience meaning champagne, chocolates, soft sheets, caresses and music are sure to set the tone for a passionate evening. Due to the fact that Taurus loves the sensual aspect of sex, they do not stray away from routine as long as that routine satisfies both partners.



You love to bring fun and variety into the bedroom.

With you, a partner never really knows what they are going to get. Geminis are very spontaneous, energetic lovers often driven by curiosity. They like to explore their partners, learn how they work and will benefit from a partner that is open to trying new things. Dirty talk, role play and acting out fantasies are all on the table.



Your sexual satisfaction relies heavily on emotional fulfillment.

You want sex to be much more than just sex. You crave the romantic aspect of it as well as the intimacy and closeness. Foreplay, passionate kisses and sweet words are all part of your sexual repertoire and the ideal end to a night of passion is a long cuddling session to further establish a close bond.



You love being the center of attention.

Leo naturally loves the spotlight and always takes the lead during sex. In addition to being the star, you tend to be over the top and like to have a blast in bed. Passion and intensity are must haves for this zodiac sign. Just make sure not to disturb the neighbors!



You are a very sensual and sexual individual.

Your powerful sexual energy is often surprising since it’s masked behind a temperament best described as calm and composed. Virgo has a very healthy sexual appetite and isn’t afraid of getting a little wild. The thing is, in order to reveal the highlights of your sexuality, emotional security must be established beforehand.



You prefer a partner that really appreciates all you have to offer.

Chances are, you don’t mind being on top. This way, your partner has the pleasure of looking at you. Beauty drives Libras sexuality. When in a beautifully peaceful environment, Libras have an outstanding time in bed and when that beauty is accompanied by compliments and flattery, watch out!



You like hot, steamy rendezvous with an equally passionate and self-confident partner.

You want romance and amazingly satisfying sex. Your sexual style is best described as dominant, direct and wildly imaginative. Scorpios know what they want and best of all, know how to get it thanks to their intense yet charming personalities.



You believe in having a very spontaneous sex life.

Those with this sign tend to be very physical creatures by nature and have very spontaneous sex lives. Sagittarius is very seductive and enjoy taking their time. Their approach to sex is almost skillful giving them the ability to fulfill their partner’s desires as well as their own. You are an attentive lover that expects the same from your partner.



You have a no-frills approach to intimacy. 

Capricorns are reserved and conventional but when the mood is right, another aspect is revealed. Chances are, you have a no frills approach to intimacy but that certainly does not mean boring. Once trust is established, your hidden sensuality is uncovered along with your excellent instincts. Don’t be afraid to show that other side of yourself.



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